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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zeeky and Jacob's (Special Needs) Homeschool Progress!

Everyone had school here today. We are getting back into the routine and Destiny headed off to 1st grade. I thought I'd tell some about the progress of Zeeky and Jacob.

I sat down in the family room with them while the 3rd-5th graders were working on journals. I had them do some wooden puzzles. Jacob did them quite easily! Zeeky didn't just do the puzzles though. He said all the words. We even worked on sentences to go with what the animals were doing! I keep hoping that Jacob will spill something out accidently when he is with Zeeky and I doing those activities, but it hasn't happened yet.

We then spent some time working on body parts and following directions. I was quite pleased that they both did much better than the last time we tried this activity. No one stared into space, like they heard no words even. lol They both were able to follow along with minimal prodding. :)

I didn't push them too long because I very well know what happens if you try any one activity for more than 20 minutes or so. I didn't let them get to the point of defiance or boredom, so we could end both activities on a good note with lots of praise. They also watched some reading dvds. I know Zeeky is learning tons off of them. I figure that Jacob is too, but it is so hard to tell with the tiny bit of cooperation that he is willing to put forth.

They've both made progress in such extremely opposite areas though too. Jacob hardly ever has a dirty or wet pullup. He is probably 95 percent potty trained. (He is 7, but this is also something that the autism treatment center he resided in before coming to me couldn't accomplishment, so I am proud. ) Zeeky on the other hand, refuses to use the bathroom. It is against his religion I do believe. I have half joked and half planned that I'm going to teach him to change his own diaper. He has however learned all his colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and between 10 and 20 sight words. He is talking up a storm! He can match things by color or shape and he can put letters or numbers in order as well! (That is all really spectacular for a child who is not even compulsory age for kindergarten and has autism, but doggone kid use the potty!)

Overall homeschool is going well with all of them. Some of the ones who went to public school last year are having to make adjustments to the fact that all papers are CORRECT before they can be done, but they will catch on. I love having them here!

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  1. LOL Teach him to change his own diaper. Now that cracks me up, but isn't out of the realm of possibility!! So funny!