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I have adopted 4 children from a specific orphanage in Eastern Europe and I want to see more children redeemed from that orphanage and brought into families. I want to make sure that the children who are still left behind in that place are never forgotten.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Lost Little Angel

Another little angel from Reece's Rainbow was lost today.  She never knew a family's love.  She spent her whole life ALONE.  Even though she was among many, she was alone because she never belonged to anyone.  Imagine never knowing love and never having a family! 

I just don't understand.  Where are God's hands and feet?  What are the Christians of our world doing while these children die alone?  How does each one justify doing nothing?  I am often told that I can't "save them all".  I realize that.  Another DIED ALONE.  My heart is broken as I imagine how it may have happened.  How alone she probably was does my whole earth shake!  God said that what we do unto the least of these we do unto Him.  Look what happened to Him.  Yes, it like we did it to Him!  He was alone, unloved, and in need and our world turned its back. 

As children sit in mental institutions today, it is like we do it to HIM.  He made them (perfectly by the way!), He loves them, He told us to take care of them, and it is like unto Him.  We are neglecting our duty as Christians.  As a result, Christians are missing out.  They don't know the blessings of doing God's will.  Sure it is HARD.  What blessing doesn't come through hard work???  God said to do it and I pity those who will stand before Him and have done nothing to help the children.  We are doing it unto Him.  Christians are letting these children die out of pure refusal to live for Him.  He died for us and Christians everywhere sit back and get comfy in their seats while His gifts to us and His instructions to us so to DO SOMETHING. 

She is gone.  Many more WAIT.  They won't wait forever either.  They will end up in the same lonely death without His people doing something.  There are many things that each of us can do.  Adoption is the thing they need most.  If you meet the qualifications to adopt and can love a child, then I dare you to pray and ask Him.  I doubt He will tell you "no".  If you can't adopt then post their pictures to help them find families, give to their adoption funds, help people who can adopt pay the "ransom" to get them home.    Advocate, pray, give adopt!  Children dying while people sit back and try not to look is not acceptable. 

Here is her picture.  Look at her and do your best to make her be the last to die so needlessly.

Dayton is Working SO FAST

Well, Dayton started 5TH GRADE Math today.  His class from public school is in 3rd grade.  He just flies through it.  He never gets hung up and tries to give up.  He never plays mind games with me (nice to have a few that really try!).  He just never stops!

Forrest was very upset the other day when he realized that Dayton was so close to moving into the 5th grade math book.  He acted like a complete baby about it.  Instead of realizing that he needs to get his act together and get his work done, he whined like a two year old. 

Today he seemed to have gotten the picture.  When Dayton started in the new book today, Forrest seemed to be moving.  I guess we will see how long it lasts!  Forrest is so capable, but stops to play mind games along the way.  He has even said that he thinks if he convinces me that he "can't" then I will quit making him learn so much.  (Where has he been living!??) 

It is so sad to see Dayton growing up so quickly.  His little chubby cheeks are gone.  He is turning into a young man instead of a little boy.  :( 

He is always thinking though.  He said that the thinks God gave him a brain that can move this fast because God has big things for him to do.  He says that if he finishes this stuff early then he can get started with whatever God has for him as an adult sooner. 

I am so glad that he really wants to serve God.  I am glad that he is thinking ahead.  I just wish he'd stay little for me a little longer.  I guess he plans to keep moving though.  I have decided to just be proud and try not to think of how fast he is growing up. 

I wonder what God does have in store for him? . . . .

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dogs, but NOT KIDS (I'm ticked off, but calmer than before)

Please no one take this the wrong way.  I have nothing against dogs (or even cats for that matter).  I know people who treasure their pets very much and have no children.  I don't quite "get it" because I've never been there, but I love those people so I know that people LOVE their pets.  It doesn't make me understand this situation any better though!

I have been trying to find things to send to Cody to help him with his transition.  I ordered a tee shirt for him with our (Brent and mine) pictures on it, but when I wrote on it with paint Zeeky came through and ruined it (yes he is still alive even though he messed it up on purpose).  I was trying to find some "cards" that would allow me to put some pictures on them.  I had ordered my other stuff from Sam's Clubs online site.  I ordered a book of pictures, "the shirt", a collage with his picture mixed in with all of ours, and a teddy bear with a picture on the front. 

Ordering a card is where my issue came in though.  Every site I go to nearly has cards to add pictures of your "new pet", but not one has an adequate card for an adoption of a non-newborn.  I surely don't need a card with pictures of baby carriages!  My kids come needing running shoes for the most part!  We live in a world that is filled with adoptions.  GOD ORDAINED ADOPTIONS!  Why on earth isn't there a card that is appropriate to send to an older child being adopted????  Why aren't there cards that are appropriate to send out to to people announcing an older child joining the family?????  Shouldn't those be easier to find and much more important than cards announcing a new pet???????????????????????????? 

I did finally find a site that would let me start with a blank card and make my own.  There won't be cute colorful borders around them, but I did get to make some cards to send to him. 

Next up is to find some emails and complain to some companies.  They need to know that it is unacceptable.  I will be nice, but I plan to tell them!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Long Time and Lots Going On

I haven't blogged in a very long time.  SORRY!  It has been a wild ride around here. There has been so much going on that it is hard to decide where to start.  I guess I'll start with an update on our adoption stuff!

First there is our little "C".  His stuff has FINALLY gone to ICPC (Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children).  Well, it is supposed to have already gone.  I don't guess there is any real way to know for sure until our agency gets the notification to send our stuff in for this side of it.  I have some updated pictures.  The foster mother was doing well at emailing and letting me know about stuff.  She asked for pictures to be sent for him.  Then NOTHING!  She accepted a new placement of a little one that is in the hospital.  I know she is spending a lot of time there.  I worry about my little "C" though.  I wonder if he is getting the email cards and pictures I sent.  I am going to send some stuff by mail since I'm not getting anywhere by computer.  I know she picks up the cards (I get notifications), but I never hear a word back.  It is driving me bonkers!  I want him to have a smooth transition.  God is in control I remind myself.

The other major news is that we are adopting 4 children from Eastern Europe.  There names are Paula (age 4), Anjelina (age 5), Nicholas (age 8), and Ahnja (age 8).  I really don't even know for sure if that is their real names.  Sometimes children listed internationally are given different names for the listings.  I do know that they all have Down Syndrome.  I started a new blog to just detail their adoption so here is the link  http://godsrainbowsinourlives.blogspot.com/  .  We have never done an international adoption.  We are scared and excited.  We feel a lot of urgency to get everything done has quickly as possible because we don't know a lot about their situations.  We know that Paula's situation is probably the most urgent.  She is doesn't walk, talk, or do much of anything it seems. 

If anyone else is interested in adoption of children with Down Syndrome or other special needs, then I highly advice that you go and take a look at Reece's Rainbow.  I will try to get some of their stuff on my page soon to make it easier.  There are lots of links on my other blog already.  Don't hesitate.  Children are waiting and they don't have the time that we do here. 

I'll try to do better about posting and do some other posts to get everyone up to speed soon!