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I have adopted 4 children from a specific orphanage in Eastern Europe and I want to see more children redeemed from that orphanage and brought into families. I want to make sure that the children who are still left behind in that place are never forgotten.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dogs, but NOT KIDS (I'm ticked off, but calmer than before)

Please no one take this the wrong way.  I have nothing against dogs (or even cats for that matter).  I know people who treasure their pets very much and have no children.  I don't quite "get it" because I've never been there, but I love those people so I know that people LOVE their pets.  It doesn't make me understand this situation any better though!

I have been trying to find things to send to Cody to help him with his transition.  I ordered a tee shirt for him with our (Brent and mine) pictures on it, but when I wrote on it with paint Zeeky came through and ruined it (yes he is still alive even though he messed it up on purpose).  I was trying to find some "cards" that would allow me to put some pictures on them.  I had ordered my other stuff from Sam's Clubs online site.  I ordered a book of pictures, "the shirt", a collage with his picture mixed in with all of ours, and a teddy bear with a picture on the front. 

Ordering a card is where my issue came in though.  Every site I go to nearly has cards to add pictures of your "new pet", but not one has an adequate card for an adoption of a non-newborn.  I surely don't need a card with pictures of baby carriages!  My kids come needing running shoes for the most part!  We live in a world that is filled with adoptions.  GOD ORDAINED ADOPTIONS!  Why on earth isn't there a card that is appropriate to send to an older child being adopted????  Why aren't there cards that are appropriate to send out to to people announcing an older child joining the family?????  Shouldn't those be easier to find and much more important than cards announcing a new pet???????????????????????????? 

I did finally find a site that would let me start with a blank card and make my own.  There won't be cute colorful borders around them, but I did get to make some cards to send to him. 

Next up is to find some emails and complain to some companies.  They need to know that it is unacceptable.  I will be nice, but I plan to tell them!


  1. I ran into the same problem after we came home with our daughter, who is nearly 3. I could not find an announcement for a child who was adopted. There's plenty of baby announcements but everything else seems to be thank yous or party invites. I finally used a baby one that didn't have a pre-written verse on it. Good luck!

  2. Good for you! Definitely let those companies know what market they are missing. When we adopted our daughter (at the age of 1), a lot of family commented that they couldn't find Adoption cards at their local card stores. Something really needs to be done.