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I have adopted 4 children from a specific orphanage in Eastern Europe and I want to see more children redeemed from that orphanage and brought into families. I want to make sure that the children who are still left behind in that place are never forgotten.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ok, I was sitting here posting my last post and still fighting this. I have needed to sneeze for 3 hours!!! I don't know how much I can take!!! I get the "a a a a", but never the "choo". I get these spells where my eyes water, my nose burns, but it never gets full relief.

I did sneeze earlier today. I was outside with the kids quite a bit. I have lots of allergy/sinus stuff normally, so I didn't even think anything of it. I've never almost sneezed this many times in my whole life put together. I may lose my mind. I have blown my nose. I have eaten pickles. (Many of you know about my addiction to banana peppers but my newest gallon isn't any good so I can't eat them. UGGHH!)

I just need to sneeze!!!!! I've never prayed to God to please let me sneeze before but that is definitely where I'm headed.

Pray for Noise on Messes

You did hear me right. I am praying for noise and messes this week. We have been supposed to break ground on our addition for weeks on end. There was a delay with a foundation repair that the contractor was doing for someone else. I am glad that they are foundation experts. (Especially since they are building where there use to be an inground pool that we filled in for safety.) I am also glad that that they take the extra time that it takes to do things right.

I really want my addition though!!!!

I want to have the extra space so badly. I am starting to feel like a hoarder with all of the school books surrounding me. I really can't wait to have all my stuff organized in the new school room. I am going to be SO EXCITED! (Those who know us personally know that those are 'Destiny' words, so maybe she is rubbing off on me.) I can't wait to have all the new storage space. I can't wait to have the additional bedrooms and get everything all set up. The new game/sensory area will be perfect to help me corral Julianne while I am teaching during the day. The mudroom will help so much to keep the dirt out of the house when the kids are playing outside (today required the sweeper to come out for every single room).

I can't wait to see what God has planned for the extra space either! I really am so excited. The movie said "If you build it they will come." Our hope is that "If we build it then God will fill it"! I really am so excited to see if God will continue to bless us with more kids. I know that after our last addition we doubled the number of kids from 6 to 12. There are so many waiting kids that I have to pray that He continues to help us to help them.

Just pray for noise and messes OUTSIDE! lol

It is Beautiful

The weather here right now is beyond beautiful really. The days are just around 80 degrees or even a little below. The grass is greeen. The skies are perfect blue with the floaty, soft, white clouds. The weather is just the perfect fit for a family of 14 to have a wonderful weekend in the backyard!

Today I went to the store and got all the special things to make the weekend over the top. I got tomatoes for bacon and tomato sandwiches. I got KoolAid coolers, which are perfect since Zeeky still doesn't drink out of straws. I got caramel apples with sprinkles on them. I got "push ups" and "cookie covered cones of ice cream". I got chocolate (of course since you can't have fun without chocolate). I got those cups of yummy stuff that Julianne (as well as everyone else) adores from the yogurt section.

Tonight I played wiffle ball with the kids. It was an interesting game. I was designated (by Dayton who asked me to play) as on Dayton's team. I warned him that I am not good and haven't played a game where I had to run bases in a long time, but he said he didn't care if we lost as long as I played. (So sweet to be loved like that, so I couldn't possibly say no.) Crystal was on Brent's team. Denzell designated himself the "pitcher" for both teams. (I can see this to be a good position since you don't have to run!) The only other two kids who would usually play hadn't completed their school work (Forrest turned into the 11 year old who whines rather than works and Jose went back to food wars at lunch.) Needless to say, they were wearing a path in our grass walking between to fences, so the teams were a little "small" tonight.

I am pleased to say that Dayton and I WON! He said I was pretty good. That is quite a compliment from the kid who runs the bases so fast that I lose him. lol He really did carry the team most certainly, but I hit a few balls, got on a few bases, and even SLID onto one. I am so glad that they embraced me even though I am not very good. I have promised to play with them again tomorrow, since Crystal and Dayton said that it was the best game ever because I played. I am praying that I can walk, because sliding to get to 2nd base didn't feel overly great. lol

They had such a good time and I can't wait to spend the rest of the weekend with this crew. I had "glow sticks" which are always a hit. They held them on strings and bounced on the trampoline which was a hillarious sight. They ran around with them and it looked like there were small fireworks going off in the backyard. I had candy for them after dinner. They said that Brent made his best burgers ever on the grill (which pleased him since they are always giving him a hard time, as am I, about burning everything).

To tell you what all went on in that backyard would take a very long time. I'm sure you can get the picture. Lots of kids running, playing, giggling, chasing, climbing, swinging, bouncing, eating, and LOVING. I am so very blessed!

Friday, August 27, 2010

He said "I know"

Yes, Andrew said it. He came to give me a hug goodnight. This is only something that has started to happen in the last few months. I would have to push it to get them before that. He didn't have a great day homeschooling today. He did some of the work, but quit when he realized that the assignments that would have been fun on the day we did them as a group were now just writing assignments since he chose to pee himself and not participate on that day. He had to sit out of all the fun activities of the evening as a result. (I'll post about the great evening later, since I had started, but had to quit when this all happened just now.)

He had his shower after watching everyone's elses fun tonight. He is headed to bed. He had his belly full of hamburger and chips, but didn't have the chocolate or fun stuff. He smelled good for a change, which I immediately noticed since he often smells of urine from where he pees himself so often. It seems at times that even a shower with triple washes doesn't make him smell good, but tonight he did.

He gave me a REAL hug. (Those have become more often lately) I told him that it was a good hug and that I liked that kind. He giggled just a little. I said, "So what are you thinking about?" and Andrew said "That I really should be a better person.". Wow is all that came to mind! I said "I love you just the way you are. I do wish you could make better choices for you though." I told him that I loved him alot and he said "I know". I said "So how do you know?". Andrew replied "I don't know how, but I know you do.". THAT IS HUGE! I told him that I do a whole lot. I gave him more hugs and told him to sleep good.

That was the end. There wasn't a hint of 'ok I said what you would always want to hear so now give me my priveleges back'. I have to say that I am going to go to bed with a very thankful heart. I type this with some tears in my eyes that even if it doesn't happen again for a long time, that was what my heart desires with him. Mutual love and Connection!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Room School House

Yes, I feel like I am living in one. lol I have every age here from age 4 to age 18. My 18 year old isn't on an 18 year old level at all and neither is my 4 year old really. It is interesting for sure. I am really having a lot of fun. I have some behaviors that I have to deal with along the way most certainly, but I LOVE THIS CREW!

We had a good school day, except for two kids who are holding out. I am loving some of my new curriculum that I just started using. I am enjoying their "I get it" moments. I am enjoying seeing Crystal realize that she really is smart. (She even wrote "I am smart" on her shirt she made in art today.) I love watching Dayton fly through his curriculum. He says "Mom, maybe God wants me to get through school faster so I can do something else for Him sooner." WOW is all I can say to that. Forrest just says that he loves to homeschool.

Not everyone had a great day. Andrew wouldn't finish his and lost priveleges. Jose ended up walking back and forth in the yard because he started his food wars in hopes of going to bed and not having to work on school work. (It didn't work out and he realized that as he wore a path in our grass out back. lol) They will come around.

Precious and Unique love art. They are working on life skills as well. We are working on trying to make some learning fun for them. They are picking up on some of the subjects the 3rd to 5th graders are doing, but even that is above their level for the most part. They can learn it some, but not really show their knowledge very well.

Jacob is being loving, but also a pain. He has wanted to go back to pooping in his pants. He is trying to manipulate our new school schedule with that behavior. Regression for him doesn't have many places to go, so I guess this is about the only option. He didn't poop is pants today, so maybe that is a good sign or maybe he is saving it for tomorrow. We'll see.

Zeeky worked in his workbook for the first time today. He colored on two different pages. It was about the colors "yellow" and "orange". He recognized both colors and was very willing to color the pictures (not perfectly in the lines, but not the whole page). He also was able to match pictures in a matching game (picture sides up of course) and said the words as he did it.

Julianne is just adorable. I would love to say that she makes things easy, but she is like a tornado a good portion of the time. I have to leave the pantry door open because my white board is inside until the school room gets done (Pray they actually break ground or I may go nuts!). She is constantly in the food that is inside and I'm sure you can imagine that there is a lot of food in there. She likes to color, wad papers, and do activities in her high chair though. Today she played blocks in the floor with me. She wanted to make them stack on her lap (she is so independent and stubborn), but did eventually do it on the floor. I was very pleased that she stacked 3 up on her own. She felt accomplished though at that point and headed off to find some mischief.

I really do love homeschooling! God has truly blessed me to be here watching them learn and grow!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Online School is Driving Me NUTS!

Ok, this is a vent and the honest truth. I have 12 kids. I can take all the stuff that RAD and autism throw at me (though God is very necessary to do so). I am not a "whimpy" person. I deal with social workers that are states away. I have navigated the foster care system enough times to adopt 11 children. I gave birth to one child. I generally can suck it up.

This stupid online public school is driving me nuts!!!!!! The first official day isn't even until tomorrow. They are already doing things much differently than I was originally told. I am already not happy. I am already going to just not do it their way because I am not leaving my teenage son on a computer without supervision while I go get Destiny from school. I just don't do that! I am also not going to have him on the computer trying to do "algebra" without good supervision during our busiest time of day every day. They told me that as long as he put in 6 hours a day then it could be broken up into however we wanted and done whenever worked best. Well, that is just what we are going to do!

There are certain things that I just won't budge on. I homeschool so I can supervise my kids and know what they are exposed to each day. I am NOT going to leave him unattended with the internet. That little "netbook" that we got for him to use will be promptly locked in my room when I am not supervising. If they don't like that then I will homeschool him too! (I say while sticking out my tongue in a very immature fashion. lol)

Ok, I am done venting. I am going to bed now. The stupid link that they gave me to watch for MY orientation as a "learning coach" doesn't work either. I'll let you know how long this lasts. Don't tune out for long because my hopes for this program are going down fast.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dayton in the Crib?

Yes, I did find Dayton in the crib tonight. He is almost 9 years old and so very mature all the time. People who see him outside of our home also see his very serious side. That side is gone though when it comes to playing with his siblings. Julianne has his number too!

I went in to find her very excited that Dayton had gotten into her crib. She danced, giggled, and made him patty cake. She tackled him, laid on him, and "chin loved" him. She loved him being in "her" bed so very much!

Now they are all tucked in their individual beds. Dayton has told me for about a week that he is going to sleep in her toddler bed with her and see if she can move to it instead of the crib. I guess he is very serious! lol I know that is going to be a very "giggly" night though! I think it will wait for Friday night so we can sleep in the next morning. :)

Now I am going to bed soon. I will go to sleep with a smile knowing that my kids love each other so very much. I will smile while remembering those giggles from them both and knowing that tomorrow will be full of many more!

Work or Run or RAD

That is the new rule around here. They can either do their school work or run back and forth. Now I am not going to lie to you and tell you that they literally "ran", bc that isn't easy to get to happen for much at a time. I did have three children however that made a lot of trips between the two sides of the fence. Forrest, Jose, and Crystal all did finally accomplish something today. When they went to bed tonight they were quite tired and feeling much more compliant. I sure hope they wake up that way! They've been told that there is a set time for each school assignment and the first deadline that they miss will mean they go back out to run (or walk) some more.

Andrew did what I knew he would. He peed his pants again last night. As a result, his world has shrunk to be a much smaller world again. He has decided to revisit baby land. He took the opportunity to scream the entire time that the construction people were here today. I am sure that he will be back to "real world" here before long.

God is good and I am so glad that some day I will see the results of the rough days with this crew. lol I really do love being their mommy, even on days like this. (There was no sarcasm there either. lol)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Andrew had to try, right?

My husband was asked to preach at our church tonight. He preaches every so often and the kids love to hear "Daddy" preach too. He hasn't pastored in several years and we quit traveling to other churches alot like we use to for him to preach. We really felt like God wanted us to keep the kids in a stable place for church so that the kids with RAD and autism knew what to expect and did better. So now he just fills in at our church here and there.

The kids had a good day for the most part. This mornings church service was wonderful. It was one of those times that you can just feel the Spirit moving in a service so much so that you are surprised that you still can't see Him. I was so excited to get back tonight too.

Andrew must have been able to feel everyone elses excitement and joy. That had to have been part of the thing that made him want to disrupt it all. He decided that he was not going to listen to me, close his mouth, listen, stop, or anything else that he knew was going to have to happen.

He was finally told that when we went in, he would need to sit in his seat with his eyes closed for the 10 minutes or so before the service was to start. My goal was for him to get his "obedience" back into check, but also for him to regain some composure and reregulate so that he could enjoy the service as well. He declared that this was not going to happen either. He threw a tantrum outside of the church and I took him back to the van. This leads to his other motive. He truly had himself convinced that he would get away with it all because Brent was preaching and I had to take care of ALL the kids.

He sure did have another realization coming his way. I let him know very clearly that he WOULD do exactly as I told him. I explained that someone else could watch the other kids inside if need be and I would devote my full attention to him. I also let him know that the consequence of any further misbehavior at church would be him being grounded for a week.

We got back out of the van and entered the church very quietly. He sat for the entire service with his head on his lap. That is what I call "Timeout Church Style"! He is a humbler bumble this evening. He has learned an important lesson: "I am not embarassed when children have behaviors that are not my fault. I will not be embarassed by allowing such behaviors either. I will give consequences no matter where we are and I will follow through." I hope he keeps that in mind next time he thinks that I can be defeated in a RAD WAR.

I'm so glad that I have a loving God who can hold my hand through this journey. I'm also thankful for a wonderful church family who supports us and didn't even feel bad for my little RADish while he sat with his head in his lap. God is good all the time!