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Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Room School House

Yes, I feel like I am living in one. lol I have every age here from age 4 to age 18. My 18 year old isn't on an 18 year old level at all and neither is my 4 year old really. It is interesting for sure. I am really having a lot of fun. I have some behaviors that I have to deal with along the way most certainly, but I LOVE THIS CREW!

We had a good school day, except for two kids who are holding out. I am loving some of my new curriculum that I just started using. I am enjoying their "I get it" moments. I am enjoying seeing Crystal realize that she really is smart. (She even wrote "I am smart" on her shirt she made in art today.) I love watching Dayton fly through his curriculum. He says "Mom, maybe God wants me to get through school faster so I can do something else for Him sooner." WOW is all I can say to that. Forrest just says that he loves to homeschool.

Not everyone had a great day. Andrew wouldn't finish his and lost priveleges. Jose ended up walking back and forth in the yard because he started his food wars in hopes of going to bed and not having to work on school work. (It didn't work out and he realized that as he wore a path in our grass out back. lol) They will come around.

Precious and Unique love art. They are working on life skills as well. We are working on trying to make some learning fun for them. They are picking up on some of the subjects the 3rd to 5th graders are doing, but even that is above their level for the most part. They can learn it some, but not really show their knowledge very well.

Jacob is being loving, but also a pain. He has wanted to go back to pooping in his pants. He is trying to manipulate our new school schedule with that behavior. Regression for him doesn't have many places to go, so I guess this is about the only option. He didn't poop is pants today, so maybe that is a good sign or maybe he is saving it for tomorrow. We'll see.

Zeeky worked in his workbook for the first time today. He colored on two different pages. It was about the colors "yellow" and "orange". He recognized both colors and was very willing to color the pictures (not perfectly in the lines, but not the whole page). He also was able to match pictures in a matching game (picture sides up of course) and said the words as he did it.

Julianne is just adorable. I would love to say that she makes things easy, but she is like a tornado a good portion of the time. I have to leave the pantry door open because my white board is inside until the school room gets done (Pray they actually break ground or I may go nuts!). She is constantly in the food that is inside and I'm sure you can imagine that there is a lot of food in there. She likes to color, wad papers, and do activities in her high chair though. Today she played blocks in the floor with me. She wanted to make them stack on her lap (she is so independent and stubborn), but did eventually do it on the floor. I was very pleased that she stacked 3 up on her own. She felt accomplished though at that point and headed off to find some mischief.

I really do love homeschooling! God has truly blessed me to be here watching them learn and grow!

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