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I have adopted 4 children from a specific orphanage in Eastern Europe and I want to see more children redeemed from that orphanage and brought into families. I want to make sure that the children who are still left behind in that place are never forgotten.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pictures Times 20

Yes, our family pictures were done probably about 6 weeks ago.  Our friend Rachel Lott is a wonderful photographer and did them here at the house for us.  The kids did WONDERFUL!  I never would have imagined that getting a family picture and individuals of all the kids could be so easy, but my kids are awesome so I should have known. 
Our whole family
 Mom, Dad, and our six "Chromosomally Enhanced" Kids!
 Our 5 Bulgarian Blessings
 Keith 5 years old
 Cody 5 years old
 Julianne 6 years old
 Aleshia 6 years old
 Anita 7 years old
 Ezekiel 8 years old
 Destiny 9 years old
 Jacob 9 years old
 Nicholas 10 years old
 Ahnja 10 years old
 Dayton 10 years old
 Jose 11 years old
 Andrew 11 years old
 Crystal 13 years old
 Forrest 13 years old
 Denzell 17 years old
 Precious 19 years old
 Unique 20 years old
So that is the crew!!! Twenty people.  Eighteen kids.  Lots of fun!  Have you noticed the three more on the way yet? 
Go check out our adoption blog for more info!!  You can even see pictures and start Christmas shopping over there.  He is a link to the latest post, but make sure to go see the other posts too!  http://godsrainbowsinourlives.blogspot.com/2012/10/christmas-yet-want-one.html  You can even find out about how we do Christmas different! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some Little Peeks

I thought you all might like some little peeks into the life of a family with 18 kids.  lol  Things are going WONDERFULLY!!  I can't imagine how 5 kids could settle in and adjust so well, but they have.  I have some views into why that is that I might share later, but the main thing is that God is just AMAZING!

We all went to church for the first time on Sunday.  We only went to the preaching service.  We figured we'd start slow and didn't want them to go to class on the first time there.  The kids all did wonderful.  I few very small sounds from them was all that could be heard, except for Keith.  He was ready to get down and crawl, so I took him and sat with him in the nursery after a little while.  

 We walk to church, so it only took a double stroller and two wagons, 
plus lots of people on foot!
We got to a little church that is the equivalent of a couple blocks away.
We filled up 2 1/2 pews!
We were so incredibly proud of them!!!  Who would have thought they'd do that well????  Ahnja was very glad to have a new Bible, though I don't think she has any idea what it is yet.  Anita was very glad they play music and sing, because she loves to dance.  Julianne acted like a big girl and she and Anita were dancing side by side.  (So cute in their matching dresses!)  Nicholas found the whole thing very intriguing I think.  Aleshia was very glad to try to waller her Daddy to pieces.  The other kids were very glad to be back with our church family and show off their new siblings.

Now one more peek and I have to go to bed!  Here is a little of what it looked like tonight, right before we had Family Bible Time!
They got very quiet once we got started though.  
Afterward we sing three songs:  
Zaccheus Was a Wee Little Man
If Your Happy and You Know It
Jesus Loves Me
The little ones sit through a story and prayer, so that they can make it to the songs!  

More to come!
We had pictures done today, so I'll post those once I get them back!
Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Favorite New DVDs

Here is a great deal for you!!!  This new DVD series is out called "What's in the Bible with Buck Denver".  It is made by the man who helped create Veggie Tales (so you know it has to be good!).  I got an email today that said that by following this link:  http://whatsinthebible.extole.com/a/clk/ly0Nd  my friends can get 20% off their first order.  We own Volumes 1-8.  They are very entertaining, keep every one here's attention, are packed full of Bible knowledge, and are so great you'll watch them over and over with your kids.  :)

There are free printables in their website which make perfect activities to go with it!!  We are going to use it as part of our Bible Curriculum this year, even though we've watched them.  We will break them down in segments and do the activities then and the kids are THRILLED.

Go check them out and if you order them or have already had them and watched them, then tell me what your family thinks!!!  :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Julianne in Another Jam

Yes, Julianne surely does get herself into some mischief.  She really is so adorably cute that when we pull her off of the island in the kitchen or found her in that crib I posted about a while back - we can't help but laugh!

Tonight was no different.

I walked into my bedroom to put something away after we had been re-organizing my suitcases.

I came back to this:

Don't ask me how she managed to get in there!

She was managing to swing herself quite well!

She was not thrilled about us getting her out.  

I told her it was for her baby brother Keith who would be home soon after I got her out.  

She nodded "Yes".

I think she was just making sure it was safe for him!  (Wink!)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cody Had His Tonsils Out

Last Thursday, Cody had his tonsils and adnoids removed.  The doctor said that his nose was 80% or more blocked by the adnoids and his tonsils were huge.  He is doing WONDERFUL.  He has very little discomfort and the only probably is keeping him inactive for the two weeks that we are suppose to.  That is a lot of work!!!

Here are some pictures of Cody right before he went back for surgery.  :)  He wasn't scared a bit and he's not shed one tear still!

Isn't he the cutest?!
I think this was right before he chose the kind of homemade ice cream 
that he would be wanting made the next day!
I'll take another one soon, but now I spend all his waking time trying to keep him calm!

Julianne and the Crib Update

Well many of you probably read THIS post, where Julianne was climbing into the crib that was ready for Aleshia (coming home so soon now!).  I thought I'd give you an update.

For a couple weeks after that, we were taking the crib out of her room when we put her into her room at night.  During the day if she started to get into the crib we told her that it was for her sister Aleshia.

When we talk about the 5 kids who are coming home soon, she smiles now.  I think she understands that the crib is for someone else now.

See what you think?

She is so sweet! 
I can't help that she is impossible to resist!  
Don't worry, she didn't stay there long.  
I took her to bed with me!

By the way, if you aren't following our adoption blog
look for the link on the side.

Gotcha Days are coming up!

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Product and New Website

Ok, so a few weeks ago a FB friend of mine had up a post about these "wraps" she was selling that made you lose "inches".  I was very skeptical, but the money was going toward her adoption so I bought some anyway.  I figured it was worth a try and went to a good cause.

Well, I tried the first one and I lost 4 inches around my belly button with about 2 inches above and below!

I was still skeptical and tried another and lost more inches.

Then I tried it on my upper legs and lost there too.

I had several people ask about them and decided to sign up to sell them.  I have individual wraps that I can sell you for $25 a piece if you would like to try them.  You can also go to the website listed and buy those or other products.  The great deal on the site though is that you can sign up as a "Loyal Customer" and save money on all the products.  Once you sign up the wraps are 4 for $59!  You are only agreeing to buy at least one product (any product at any price) for three consecutive months.  If you continue after that then there are more perks, but as long as you sign up then you will get the lower price from that day on as long as you do fulfill that 3 months commitment.

I've never been one to sell things.  I've never had a "party" (though I can do those with these wraps if anyone is interested) and when my kids had fundraisers I generally bought everything that they had to sell.  I just don't like to sell things.  I really wanted to with this though.  I really love the product and can't wait to use the next one.  The results have lasted and I am excited to try more of their products.

Here is the website: wrapunroestyle click here to go to the website

You can also email me at abcunroe@yahoo.com  if you are interested or want more information.

This is NOT me.
My before shot made me hit erase on my iphone.
This is a similar result to what I saw, though others may lose more or less.

They really have been that great for me!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Love This! (What a Mom of Many Wants for Mother's Day)

Of course, what I want most is my 5 Bulgarian Blessings in my arms, but since that isn't going to happen by Sunday - this is a good one!

Well here is a picture that you should see!  This is my crew coming into Walmart with their Daddy.  He took them on his own inside the store to go get me some flowers for Mother's Day.  I just haven't been able to bring myself to go pick up flowers to make the front of the house look fresh.  All I can think about is the kids across the ocean and getting anything done that might made the trip a little smoother.  So they went to get me flowers and I think they are even going to plant them for me for Mother's Day!

I just had to take a picture.  Aren't they all cute!?!  
We had just left our homeschool group's Field Day,
so they are a little dirty looking and worn out. 
(There are 13 kids in that picture, 
but there was no angle that got them all 
and a few ducked. roflol)

I have to say watch my big family file in and then watching from a distance as they checked out, only to get to go through the entire parking lot in a huge train (they closed the doors on the side we parked on!) - 
was a wonderful Mother's Day present!

Watching them at the Field Day, listening to them jabber all the way there and home, listening to Dayton ASK to get to push the buggy with the two littlest in it, and watching them all tell me who liked which flowers - 

I am so blessed!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We Have a Little Problem

Ok, this post I will probably post to both blogs.  It is hysterical, sweet, and I really don't know what to do.

Julianne has decided she wants to sleep in Aleshia's crib.  The crib had been up for a good while already.  Julianne had been going to sleep in her own bed some nights and then we carry her to our bed.  Other nights she just goes to sleep in our bed to begin with.  We don't leave her in her room at night while we are asleep, because if she wakes up she doesn't cry, but instead climbs out of bed and rocks and hits her head on the floor between her legs.  I can't bear to wake up and know she left a place on her head while I was sleeping so I take her to my bed.  Even at that sometimes she bangs before I get to her when she is sleepy or when she wakes up from having fallen asleep and not yet in my bed.

So, I go in her room the other evening and this is what I see:

Do you love the "Poor me, I don't know how I got here" look above,
or the "You know you can't even think of scolding me when I am this cute" look below?

What about this next look?
This is the "You really did figure it out and explain to Daddy how I got here, 
so you really do know me well, so I'm sure you are aware that I am 

Yes, my sweet and very smart daughter took the small chair over and used it to get onto the arm of the rocking chair, which she then used to climb into the crib!

Then the next night while we were getting the kids ready for bed (and after a very long day playing outside that made her tired before 2am evidently!) I go in and find her to have already put herself into Aleshia's bed and gone to sleep!
So the question is, "WHAT ON EARTH DO I DO?"!  She is nearly 6 years old and doesn't need to be in a crib.  She walks and obviously climbs quite well!  She still has the playpen, because she is unwilling to give it up.  

Do I let her continue this and pray that it gets old before Aleshia gets home?

Do I move the crib elsewhere so that she can't get in it?

Do I buy her a small portable crib like this one that I get for Keith and Aleshia?  (These are on wheels and can wheel into my room for those two at night which is why I bought those specific ones.)

Do I leave the crib there and fight with her to stay out of it?

I really don't know.  She wanted in Keith's highchair when I put it up and I explained it is for her little brother Keith.  She will still ask, but it is to get me to tell her that.  When I say it is for her "little brother Keith" she beams and giggles.  She's been interested in the walker, swing, etc that I've put together.  She tried to get into the walker, but when I told her that it was for "the baby", she didn't try to get in it any more.  

I don't know what to do about the bed.  

Opinions Appreciated Please!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthdaying Unroe Style

Jacob turned 9 years old today.  I'd love to show you what the day looked like and a picture of the birthday boy, but I didn't take any today.  Jacob will not look at the camera and it seemed a shame to waste time that we could be enjoying with him while trying to get him to do something that he is NOT going to do.  So I thought I'd paint you a "word picture" of Jacob's special day.

Jacob has RAD, selective mutism, and maybe a touch of Autism.  This was his 4th birthday home and the 1st time that he made it obvious that he definitely knew it was HIS special day and was excited about it!  When the first person told him Happy Birthday before church today, he took off dancing around the room.  He even tried to sneak and look in my Walmart bags when I came home from the store the other day and he heard the kids ask where to hide his presents!  (Come on special needs Mamas - you know that is big stuff!)  He also stood up for the Birthday Song at church this morning, but looked down like he was shy - yet had a very ornery smile on his face!

After church I headed to pick up the cupcakes and got some other stuff at the store, while everyone here had lunch.  When I got home, they were all very ready to get moving toward the wonderful day that was ready for them outside!  We got them ready quickly and out they went.  They played for quite a while.  I went out and got Cody to climb the dome climber all the way to the top.  That meant that suddenly Jacob and Zeeky wanted to as well!  :)  ( I love good peer pressure!)

Late this afternoon we went out to the picnic tables in the front yard and had Jacob's cupcakes and some milk. He was very excited about it and was very excited to open up the gift bag (yes, we've learned that especially with special needs kids that takes the stress out of it!) to see what he got for his birthday.  He was thrilled with the toys that you step on or it the little "thing" (very technical tonight aren't I?) and the Cars characters project from it.  I made sure to get 3 of them so that other kids would do it with him and it would be more enjoyable.

Then 7 of the kids and Brent played a game of wiffle ball out front.  I was putting on dinner, so I put Cody and Julianne in the plastic gate thing.  They'd only been in it 5 or so times ever, so they were excited about that even.  There were tons of giggles coming from that enclosure!  After I got dinner on, I went out to check on their game and bounce those big soft balls off of Julianne and Cody which was just a thrill full of continual laughter!  (Have I ever mentioned how much I love my life!?!)

I planned dinner to hit right after it got dark, since they weren't hungry from all the cake until late!  We took candles (real and batter powered both) out and ate on the picnic tables.  We had pork chops, asparagus, and stuffing.  The kids thought that was the best way to have dinner out in the dark!  Then, Dayton started sneaking up on people on scaring them while they were at the table.  Unique was laughing so loud that I had to make them quit.  The "non-homeschooled" neighbor children would have to have a hard time getting to sleep with all that loud squealing and laughter!

Then we started bringing some of the kids in for baths and showers, while the rest stayed outside in the dark with the glow sticks!  Yes, that is a favorite summer activity and they've been begging to since the first warm day.  Julianne, Cody, and Zeeky were done by that point and asking to come in, so they got to be first up for showers and baths.  The children managed to keep their squealing down to a minimum and played like crazy outside.  I was very glad that the gate was locked and I knew they couldn't get out.  I could however see glow sticks flickering all around the "ark" play structure.  :)

There is so much fun to be had in a large family.  Homeschooling gives us a flexible schedule that allows so much family time and we can adjust our schedule to what works best from day to day.  We don't take "snow days", but we can take a "Sun"day instead.  We can play out late, sleep in later, and still get a good days school in.  We get to spend time together and my kids are the best of friends.  The kids have a full "party" of kids here and can put together a game of about any size any day that they wish.  We don't need a bunch of activities, because their are enough of us to be active without the planned times.  :)  God has truly blessed us and right now all I could wish for us for our next 5 to be home with us too.

Now the children are all soundly asleep and the business day is beginning in Bulgaria, so I am going to head to bed myself and pray myself to sleep begging God to take care of my 5 Bulgarian Blessings as well as move our adoption through quickly so we can get them home.

The next birthday here is only 2 weeks away.  Destiny is exactly 2 weeks younger than Jacob and will turn 9 on Sunday two weeks from now.  I guess we really better get some rest!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Great Sunday - Unroe Style

Sunday morning we got up and went to church.  We already had everything all laid out so that we could change clothes quickly right after church.  The kids were all excited because we were going to UNCLE GREAT AND AUNT KIM'S HOUSE.  Uncle Greg and Aunt Kim are the incredibly cool uncle and aunt that our kids adore.  We all also adore Caiden, Caleb, and Chloe!!!  Who wouldn't!!??!!  They just bought a new house and they have the perfect place for get togethers now too.  We've always enjoyed them coming here, but we got to go to their new house this time!

So we hurried over to their house and had hotdogs, macaroni salad, potato salad, cole slaw, chips, juice boxes, pop, and bunches of cookies.  :)

Julianne doesn't like to go new places very well, so she was sleepy and went to sleep on Daddy.  Then we woke her up to eat.  She tried to boycott again, but couldn't help the desire to sneak bites when we weren't looking.  lol 

Cody and Destiny especially loved playing with the "three C's"!  There was giggling everywhere!  The other kids watched movies, goofed off with Uncle Greg, and played a hunting game on Wii.  Then after everything else was done Greg, Brent, Denzell, Jose, and Dayton all went out to target shoot.  Everyone hit the targets right on too!  They were all pretty proud of themselves (even Brent!)!

Julianne then became my first child ever to cry because she didn't want to leave somewhere.  Julianne has always liked home best of all.  If we stay somewhere too long she will even take me and put my hand on the door knob to make sure I 'get the point'.  lol  She was just sitting their quite until two of her cousins started to kiss her!!!  Well, every princess loves to be adored!!  So she was laughing and they thought they were pretty cool getting her to laugh so much too.  She would want them to do it and then act like she was going to push them away.  lol  Every girl wants to be pursued I guess!!  haha  When it came time to go out the door I had to pick her up and carry her out, because she wanted to stay longer!

Then we went to my mother's house to visit for a little while.  The kids had fun looking at pictures of Uncle Greg and me when we were little.  I was informed of how cute I was in some pictures and how weird I looked in others.  lol  We enjoyed our visit with Grandma Paula and then she jumped in her car and went to our next stop too!

Then we were off to my grandparents' house a few doors down from my mom.  We enjoyed some time visiting with them.  The kids went to their favoriate hangout, down in the finished basement.  It was good to see Mommom and Daddy Bill.

By the time we left there we had been having so much fun that we were hungry and exhausted.  We waited till the Wendy's closest to home and drove through for ice cream and milk shake treats.  About the time we got to the window, some people decided they were very hungry.  So as any crazy people would do, we went back around the drive thru to order real food.  When we got to the window the 2nd time, they asked us to pull around again to give them time to get it all together.  We were cracking up as we went around the drive thru for the 3rd time!!!  Only we could do that!!!

We then brought it all home and ate here. 

That is an Unroe Style Sunday!  We don't often hit 3 houses in one day and often have the company to our house, but whatever we do - we do it BIG! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Please don't leave her this way!!!! I just know that God is speaking to someone's heart right now. God does NOT want this little girl left in the "VERY BAD PLACE"!!!

Why not adopt her?????

Money, God has plenty of it and He will make it work.

Time, God made time and He makes that work too - I know!

What will others think - WHO CARES! All that matters is what God thinks!

What if - God's got that too!

Too hard, long, and exhausting . . . .

JESUS DIED TO PAY THE PRICE FOR YOUR ADOPTION!! How can we make any excuses??? He paid with His life. This little girl just needs the chance at a life and the power is in your hands. Will you be God's hands and feet??? Will you choose to take a giant leap of faith and watch God catch you on behalf of Sarah???

Some day we will all stand before God and give account for our actions. We will be rewarded for our obedience to God and we will stand ashamed for our disobedience. Don't let yourself go stand before God some day and give account for leaving her there!!! If God is calling you to adopt her, donate to her grant, or re-post her picture, then get to it. Pray and re-post please!!!

To whoever is supposed to go get this little girl, GET A MOVE ON!!!! Your little girl is in a place too horrible for you to imagine. She is crying. The tears are flowing from her eyes. Does that bring tears to your eyes? It should. Don't be ashamed for having your heart broken by what breaks the heart of God! That sweet little girl all alone in that horrible place is breaking His heart. Christians not caring is breaking His heart too.

Don't let her file go back and those in her country have their belief that no one wants these children confirmed. Don't desert her. Don't forget her. Don't look away. Please act now because she has less than 2 weeks to find a family!!! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

Do not let this be the end of her story! HELP HER!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Family Movie Night Large Family Style

A few nights ago, we had a movie night.  We were watching Tooth Fairy 2 in these pictures I believe, but we watched The Muppet Movie most recently.  Movie nights are about the only time that we watch tv in the formal living room.  Our kids know that while it is rare we go "out" to the movies, we will buy movies that we can watch over and over.  I can buy 15 or more movies for the cost of going to the movies once!  We can still have "movie meals" too!  I will even let them "junk it up"!

Above:  Unroe version of "movie meals"
This one was popcorn, cheese stick, gogurt, pb crackers,
M&Ms (we still have Christmas ones!),
pb/chocolate Easter eggs,
and Hershey kisses (left over from Valentine's day!)

Above and below are a couple shots of the kids.
There were more behind me, but you get the general idea!

If you notice that we appear to have two of the same kid, it is just an illusion.  lol  Zeeky and Jacob are often confused for each other by people who don't know us very well.  That is when they aren't dressed alike.  It cracked me up on this night, because they both ended up in the same pajamas.  You will notice that they are both zipped up backward in them.  This is because they have both been known to pull down their clothes and pee on things, which doesn't amuse me much.  Much harder to pull that stunt when you are zipped up backward!! 

Movies sure are fun with a big crew!!  Of course, most things are more fun with a lot of kids!!

Why Homeschooling is Better with a Large Crew

Yesterday I sat and listened while thanking God for my blessings. 

Destiny, Andrew, Crystal, Jose, Dayton, and Forrest have all been reading Charlottle's Web and doing a workbook about it from The Critical Thinking Company.  Yesterday I sat them all in a circle.  They were reading aloud and going over their answers.  They took turns without me having to tell them to while they read aloud.  They let each other all have input while they discussed the correct answers.  When they didn't all have the same answer, I got to listen to them reason it out and figure it out. 

My help really wasn't needed.  They had it under control.  I enjoyed listening to them so much that it was hard to concentrate on homeschooling the younger kids.  lol 

See, if I didn't have so many kids so close to the same age, I would likely have just graded those workbook pages.  Instead, I had lots of kids to talk it through together.  They learned MUCH more this way.  They learned more than just about Charlotte's Web too.  They learned so very much more.  How better to learn about thinking processes, teamwork, cooperation, including all viewpoints, and critical thinking!! 

I love having a lot of kids close in age!  It is a good thing too.  When everyone gets home, I will have 15 kids between the ages of 5 and 13, with all of the kids in that range having someone their same age at least part of the year.  Then I'll have the 3 older ones of course too!  :)  God is amazingly good and I am loving this life that He chose me for!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Progress on the Homeschool Front

Well, three of my boys HATE to write, color, and complete projects that include that stuff.  Cody is still preschool age, so his isn't as big of a deal.  Zeeky hates to do that stuff, but has begun to comply.  He also has shown that he is very bright and learning in other ways, so I'm always happy about that.  Jacob participates in coloring and tracing, but often puts little effort into it and will scribble hoping for a reaction which I refuse to give. 

I just have to share their accomplishments from the end of last week. 

Cody is only 5 and is smart as a tack. 
Cody has CP, but gets around great and does well in all areas.
I found this new book to work with him on actually coloring the WHOLE picture. 
He is good in all other areas, but completely coloring something in has been an issue. 
I can't get the picture to turn around to right side up,
but you can see the yellow page is done and the blue page is not done.
These small spaces surrounded by the color gave us a "good job" on coloring that will hopefully carry over to other coloring projects later on. 
He knows all his letter, colors, can write his name, and is ahead in all other areas,
except for completely coloring in a picture. 

Next up is Zeeky.
Zeeky is 7 years old.
He has FAS, drug exposure in utero, brain matter that didn't form properly,
Reactive Attachement Disorder, Autism, and who knows what other diagnoses could be thrown at him.
He is very bright, but he learns through musical means.
He hates to write or color in any capacity, but is getting better.
Most of my children with Autis, are slow to write and color - so I keep pushing but help them learn through means that they are more willing and able to learn through.
this picture won't turn either, but you can see that he attempted and did pretty well!

Jacob is last, but most certainly not least!
Jacob has Autism, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and Selective Mutism.
I've only heard about 2 or 3 words from him in the last 2 years or so,
but he doesn't generally talk to adults.
All of those words have been in the last 3 months, so we are making progress!
I'm so proud of this.
He stayed mostly in the lines!
He didn't color the stem of the apple, because he knew it shouldn't be red!
He completed them completely and perfectly.
He even traced the words pretty good.  :)

These are things that make a homeschooling, special needs Mommy very happy!!  Progress is great.  Effort and cooperation are even better!!  Three boys doing their work well on the same day, who I often have to push and prod to get work that isn't nearly as complete from, is a gift from God.  It is also proof that if you keep pushing and loving and never give in, then the results come.  :)

I am so blessed to get to be Mommy to  this crew and I can't wait to see the miracles that are yet to come with the kids here and the kids on the way, and maybe even kids we don't even know about yet. 

Please send up lots of prayers.  There is an important meeting that is the next step in our adoption that takes place at 8am my time.  You can read more about it HERE and I will update the adoption blog as soon as we know more.  <3

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Excitement of the Day!

Yesterday, I saw a that a friend from high school had a litter of Blue Heeler puppies.  I messaged her and reserved one, but didn't tell the kids.  (Yes, I'm sneaky mean like that!)

Today, I told the ones who were cooperative yesterday and finished their homeschool work to get ready and run and errand with me and the ones who didn't finish yesterday's assignments had a couple extra assignments to do today.  (Yes, I'm mean like that too!)  Zeeky, Jacob, and Cody all did WONDERFUL work yesterday (I'll post some of that later!), so they and Jose, Dayton, and Julianne  all loaded up in the minivan.  The ones here had work to do and Denzell had online school work, so they stayed nice and busy!

I didn't tell them what we were doing even though they asked a million times.  When the time finally came that we were almost there I asked them to help watch for the sign for the Pig Farm we were going to.  Then came the "We aren't going to watch pigs are we??".  (Yes, homeschool kids have to worry about such things.  haha)  When we got there and I had them sit in the van while I walked a few feet away, they saw the lady hand me a small gray animal and thought for sure I had just gotten a pig!! 

Imagine their excitement and surprise when it was a little tiny puppy!!  Thrilled children!  Well, Julianne was not initially thrilled, but she has warmed up to him quickly!  :)

Ok, videos and pictures!

Excuse Cody's excitement.  He talks very clear, but he was so excited
that it is just a SQUEAL as he talks!

Any wonder why he he needed this?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Friends and Fun

We had a huge great weekend.  Friday we had our homeschool Co-Op, which is highlight for the kids and also for me.  It is great to get together with other Christian homeschoolers!!  I even got to talk to a family about adoption afterward, which always thrills me!!

Saturday, we had a couple families join us here at our house for an "Unroe Style Egg Hunt".  That means that we hid over 600 eggs that were filled with candy and watched the kids run around like crazy hunting them.  We ate afterward and had the island full of junk foods, with sticks of cheese and chips included for a little healthy snack too.  Such great fellowship with other Christian families and all the kids had a blast!

Sunday, we had lots of fun and a little drama.  lol  It started with 13 Easter baskets full of devotional books, huge bubble makers, other small toys, and lots of candy.  Then we headed to church for a wonderful time of celebrating Jesus's sacrafice for our adoptions together with our church family.  The weather was beautiful, so we were able to walk and the kids looked absolutely amazing in the big line walking to church!  (I couldn't help but imagine how much better it will look with our 5 Bulgarian Blessings in that group!) 

Then came the "drama".  lol  I was opening a huge can of green beans and sliced my finger open with the can lid.  :(  I knew immediately that I'd have to get stitches, but I put a terri-strip on it and then wrapped it tightly.  I was able to finish dinner and enjoy it with the kids and Brent's parents.  Then I went to Urgent Care and got 5 stitches! 

After I got home, we made Resurrection rolls and watched the Veggie Tales Easter Carol dvd.  Julianne is to the point that she loves Veggie Tales and laughs hysterically at it.  All the kids enjoy it, but the older ones would say that they only watch it because of the younger ones.  Thank God for little siblings is all I can say!!  

Ok, so now for some pictures!
Julianne (above)
Cody and Julianne (below) both age 5

Destiny (above) age 8
Zeeky age 7 and Dayton age 10 (below)

Jacob age 8 and Jose age 10 (above)
Precious age 19 and Crystal age 12 (below)

Andrew age 11 and Forrest age 13 (above)
Unique age 20 and Denzell age 16 (below)

Hope your Easter was great!