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Friday, May 18, 2012

New Product and New Website

Ok, so a few weeks ago a FB friend of mine had up a post about these "wraps" she was selling that made you lose "inches".  I was very skeptical, but the money was going toward her adoption so I bought some anyway.  I figured it was worth a try and went to a good cause.

Well, I tried the first one and I lost 4 inches around my belly button with about 2 inches above and below!

I was still skeptical and tried another and lost more inches.

Then I tried it on my upper legs and lost there too.

I had several people ask about them and decided to sign up to sell them.  I have individual wraps that I can sell you for $25 a piece if you would like to try them.  You can also go to the website listed and buy those or other products.  The great deal on the site though is that you can sign up as a "Loyal Customer" and save money on all the products.  Once you sign up the wraps are 4 for $59!  You are only agreeing to buy at least one product (any product at any price) for three consecutive months.  If you continue after that then there are more perks, but as long as you sign up then you will get the lower price from that day on as long as you do fulfill that 3 months commitment.

I've never been one to sell things.  I've never had a "party" (though I can do those with these wraps if anyone is interested) and when my kids had fundraisers I generally bought everything that they had to sell.  I just don't like to sell things.  I really wanted to with this though.  I really love the product and can't wait to use the next one.  The results have lasted and I am excited to try more of their products.

Here is the website: wrapunroestyle click here to go to the website

You can also email me at abcunroe@yahoo.com  if you are interested or want more information.

This is NOT me.
My before shot made me hit erase on my iphone.
This is a similar result to what I saw, though others may lose more or less.

They really have been that great for me!

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