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I have adopted 4 children from a specific orphanage in Eastern Europe and I want to see more children redeemed from that orphanage and brought into families. I want to make sure that the children who are still left behind in that place are never forgotten.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Excitement of the Day!

Yesterday, I saw a that a friend from high school had a litter of Blue Heeler puppies.  I messaged her and reserved one, but didn't tell the kids.  (Yes, I'm sneaky mean like that!)

Today, I told the ones who were cooperative yesterday and finished their homeschool work to get ready and run and errand with me and the ones who didn't finish yesterday's assignments had a couple extra assignments to do today.  (Yes, I'm mean like that too!)  Zeeky, Jacob, and Cody all did WONDERFUL work yesterday (I'll post some of that later!), so they and Jose, Dayton, and Julianne  all loaded up in the minivan.  The ones here had work to do and Denzell had online school work, so they stayed nice and busy!

I didn't tell them what we were doing even though they asked a million times.  When the time finally came that we were almost there I asked them to help watch for the sign for the Pig Farm we were going to.  Then came the "We aren't going to watch pigs are we??".  (Yes, homeschool kids have to worry about such things.  haha)  When we got there and I had them sit in the van while I walked a few feet away, they saw the lady hand me a small gray animal and thought for sure I had just gotten a pig!! 

Imagine their excitement and surprise when it was a little tiny puppy!!  Thrilled children!  Well, Julianne was not initially thrilled, but she has warmed up to him quickly!  :)

Ok, videos and pictures!

Excuse Cody's excitement.  He talks very clear, but he was so excited
that it is just a SQUEAL as he talks!

Any wonder why he he needed this?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Friends and Fun

We had a huge great weekend.  Friday we had our homeschool Co-Op, which is highlight for the kids and also for me.  It is great to get together with other Christian homeschoolers!!  I even got to talk to a family about adoption afterward, which always thrills me!!

Saturday, we had a couple families join us here at our house for an "Unroe Style Egg Hunt".  That means that we hid over 600 eggs that were filled with candy and watched the kids run around like crazy hunting them.  We ate afterward and had the island full of junk foods, with sticks of cheese and chips included for a little healthy snack too.  Such great fellowship with other Christian families and all the kids had a blast!

Sunday, we had lots of fun and a little drama.  lol  It started with 13 Easter baskets full of devotional books, huge bubble makers, other small toys, and lots of candy.  Then we headed to church for a wonderful time of celebrating Jesus's sacrafice for our adoptions together with our church family.  The weather was beautiful, so we were able to walk and the kids looked absolutely amazing in the big line walking to church!  (I couldn't help but imagine how much better it will look with our 5 Bulgarian Blessings in that group!) 

Then came the "drama".  lol  I was opening a huge can of green beans and sliced my finger open with the can lid.  :(  I knew immediately that I'd have to get stitches, but I put a terri-strip on it and then wrapped it tightly.  I was able to finish dinner and enjoy it with the kids and Brent's parents.  Then I went to Urgent Care and got 5 stitches! 

After I got home, we made Resurrection rolls and watched the Veggie Tales Easter Carol dvd.  Julianne is to the point that she loves Veggie Tales and laughs hysterically at it.  All the kids enjoy it, but the older ones would say that they only watch it because of the younger ones.  Thank God for little siblings is all I can say!!  

Ok, so now for some pictures!
Julianne (above)
Cody and Julianne (below) both age 5

Destiny (above) age 8
Zeeky age 7 and Dayton age 10 (below)

Jacob age 8 and Jose age 10 (above)
Precious age 19 and Crystal age 12 (below)

Andrew age 11 and Forrest age 13 (above)
Unique age 20 and Denzell age 16 (below)

Hope your Easter was great!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Choosing Misery

Today as I sat in church I just kept thinking of what Jesus did and the GIGANTIC price that He paid for my adoption. I just can't imagine paying the cost that He did.

Then a thought came to me. It was like God just spoke it right to my heart.

What if I got over to the horrible place that Keith is in and he said he didn't want a family, love, food, safety, etc? (Keith doesn't talk, but try to get the point) What if he would just rather continue to starve, alone, and unloved? What if the price that we paid to get him out of there and the huge amount of love that we have for him just didn't matter to him and he chose to stay behind?

That is honestly what it is when someone rejects God's gift, except for worse. The cost He paid was His Son's life. The amount of love that had to be there for Him to pay that price is more than we can even imagine. The choice that they make is eternal torment and misery, instead of one that will eventually end when life does. They choose that over the love of a Father who promises to take care of them and make them part of His Family.

Keith is little and tiny and alone. He would never choose the misery he has lived in. You could clearly see him enjoy the love of his father when Brent was there.

Why don't people want that with the Father who offers such love and care??? God is right there and offers a free gift and they refuse!

I stood humbled. Do we do enough to make people see Who they are rejecting?? I pray that I can live a life that points others to my Father and makes them want what He promises to give.

Happy Easter!!!! Praise God for His Love that made the Free Gift available.