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I have adopted 4 children from a specific orphanage in Eastern Europe and I want to see more children redeemed from that orphanage and brought into families. I want to make sure that the children who are still left behind in that place are never forgotten.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why? (The Answer)

Tonight I watched "Martian Child" with Denzell and Dayton. It is a movie that I had never let any of the kids watch. Some of the foster care themes are a little too fresh for many of my kids and we don't need a set back. Those two had really helped me a lot today while I had a headache, so I had let them stay up extra late. Both of them are thoroughly rooted and I thought it would be a good time to let them enjoy the movie as well.
That movie rings true in so many ways for me. I couldn't begin to tell you the tears that come to my eyes while he waits to hear if he will be given the opportunity to parent the child that he already has come to love. I get chills when he gets the call that says he can be his parent. I totally relate to those awkard moments of trying to figure out how much to open or close the door. I could talk about all of that tonight, but I won't. I won't even go into the ridiculousness (is that a word? lol) of the system that has left me waiting endlessly for my little Cody to come home.

I do want to talk about the big TRUTH in the movie. At the end of the movie the little broken hearted boy looks into the eyes of his father and asks "Why?". He wants to know why parents don't stay. He wants to know why he has been rejected over and over. He wants to know why the world saw no value in him. Then comes the truth from the dad . . . . "they are STUPID".

That is the truth. In this world children are neglected, rejected, and set aside because adults are STUPID. Children wait tonight in foster homes feeling unloved and afraid of what tomorrow will hold because people are STUPID. Children sit in the cribs all day in orphanages unloved, hungry, and not even knowing what their world should be like because adults are STUPID.

God gave all of us these amazing gifts! CHILDREN ARE A GIFT - EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! They are thrown away in our society daily. They are aborted, abandoned, abused, neglected, and discounted because our whole adult world is STUPID. How will all of the adults stand before God some day and account for their STUPIDITY? How will they justify to God their inaction? I really don't know. I can't imagine standing there and saying "but they weren't my responsibility", "I didn't do that to them", "I didn't give birth to them", " I didn't have time", "I had MY own children", or whatever other lame excuses people have planned.

As long as children are hurting we are being held responsible. The Bible talks about "the least of these". The Bible talks specifically about Jesus's love for children and His words about them and their care. The Bible tells us that "true undefiled religion" is taking care of the orphans. What more words do people need to make them know it is their responsibility? What more do they need to make them act?

I know this, I will not stand before Him and account for my inaction. I will stand before Him knowing that I did every thing that I could. If what you can do is "give", then do it. If what you can do is "advocate" then get to it. If what you can do is "adopt" then hurry. Ask God what your part is today. Don't TELL Him what your part should be, because you will account to Him some day. If you need a place to start figuring out how to do your part then please feel free to click on my links for Reece's Rainbow. They have a part that each one can play. DON'T BE STUPID!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Heart Aching

My heart is aching so badly.  I want news on my little Cody coming home so badly.  I sent off a package to him this week, but haven't gotten any word of him getting it.  I want him to know that he is loved here.  I want him to start to think about "his family" loving him.  I want him to start to feel that love in there somewhere preparing him to come HOME. 

We sent him a teddy bear that had a picture of Brent and I on the front.  We also sent a small picture book with people and things labeled inside of it.  I was really hoping to hear from the foster mother that he got them and liked them.  I was really hoping to hear anything at all. 

I've heard nothing at all.  I may lose my mind with all this waiting. 

I know that the steroids for my asthma are making everything harder right now.  I feel yucky and it makes me have to work so much harder to keep my blood sugars under control.  I keep trying to convince myself that part of my heart ache is just the prednizone.  It really is just heart ache though. 

I have been "nesting" for so long that I'm running out of things to clean.  (Please don't laugh bc I'm seriously running out of things to keep my sanity.  lol)  I've worked today on my old closet.  I am trying to get that room ready for the two oldest girls to move into.  It will have to be repainted as well.  I don't plan to do it until spring though.  I need to buy other beds for that room and right now we are putting all of our money towards the international adoptions that isn't required for something else at this immediate moment.  I figure I can go ahead and get it spotless so that come spring it will be ready though I guess.

I have cleaned so much that Julianne is now starting to "clean things out".  When I wouldn't let her work on my closet with me today, she went and took everything out of the underneath of a cabinet in the kitchen.  She was so adorable that I couldn't stop her.  She took stuff out and stacked it.  She took other stuff out and put it on the island in the center of the kitchen. 

I wish I could feel my time waiting by taking care of my little guy.  I wish he were home to hug and listen to giggle.  Everyone else was giggling and playing today.  I couldn't help but wish to hear 5 other voices in the mix.  Cody will surely get home soon and hopefully that will help me to keep busy waiting for my four in Eastern Europe.

Prayers are appreciated for all of the to be in my arms soon.