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I have adopted 4 children from a specific orphanage in Eastern Europe and I want to see more children redeemed from that orphanage and brought into families. I want to make sure that the children who are still left behind in that place are never forgotten.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Why Homeschooling is Better with a Large Crew

Yesterday I sat and listened while thanking God for my blessings. 

Destiny, Andrew, Crystal, Jose, Dayton, and Forrest have all been reading Charlottle's Web and doing a workbook about it from The Critical Thinking Company.  Yesterday I sat them all in a circle.  They were reading aloud and going over their answers.  They took turns without me having to tell them to while they read aloud.  They let each other all have input while they discussed the correct answers.  When they didn't all have the same answer, I got to listen to them reason it out and figure it out. 

My help really wasn't needed.  They had it under control.  I enjoyed listening to them so much that it was hard to concentrate on homeschooling the younger kids.  lol 

See, if I didn't have so many kids so close to the same age, I would likely have just graded those workbook pages.  Instead, I had lots of kids to talk it through together.  They learned MUCH more this way.  They learned more than just about Charlotte's Web too.  They learned so very much more.  How better to learn about thinking processes, teamwork, cooperation, including all viewpoints, and critical thinking!! 

I love having a lot of kids close in age!  It is a good thing too.  When everyone gets home, I will have 15 kids between the ages of 5 and 13, with all of the kids in that range having someone their same age at least part of the year.  Then I'll have the 3 older ones of course too!  :)  God is amazingly good and I am loving this life that He chose me for!

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