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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Online School is Driving Me NUTS!

Ok, this is a vent and the honest truth. I have 12 kids. I can take all the stuff that RAD and autism throw at me (though God is very necessary to do so). I am not a "whimpy" person. I deal with social workers that are states away. I have navigated the foster care system enough times to adopt 11 children. I gave birth to one child. I generally can suck it up.

This stupid online public school is driving me nuts!!!!!! The first official day isn't even until tomorrow. They are already doing things much differently than I was originally told. I am already not happy. I am already going to just not do it their way because I am not leaving my teenage son on a computer without supervision while I go get Destiny from school. I just don't do that! I am also not going to have him on the computer trying to do "algebra" without good supervision during our busiest time of day every day. They told me that as long as he put in 6 hours a day then it could be broken up into however we wanted and done whenever worked best. Well, that is just what we are going to do!

There are certain things that I just won't budge on. I homeschool so I can supervise my kids and know what they are exposed to each day. I am NOT going to leave him unattended with the internet. That little "netbook" that we got for him to use will be promptly locked in my room when I am not supervising. If they don't like that then I will homeschool him too! (I say while sticking out my tongue in a very immature fashion. lol)

Ok, I am done venting. I am going to bed now. The stupid link that they gave me to watch for MY orientation as a "learning coach" doesn't work either. I'll let you know how long this lasts. Don't tune out for long because my hopes for this program are going down fast.

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  1. I was afraid this might happen. Hope it gets better, but in our case, we finally just decided that it wasn't for us.