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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Homeschooling/Higher Expectations

There is a part of homeschooling that some of my previously "public schooled" children are having some major issues with right now. See in our homeschool I only give out A's. If you don't have an A paper then we need to work more on it. I give them back to them to redo until it is an A.

I tried explaining it to them all today. I don't give them back because I want them to sit at my table longer. I don't give it back because I expect anyone to be "perfect". I don't give them back because I want to be a pain in their necks either.

I give them back because I LOVE THEM. I want them to do well. I don't want to have missing blocks in the foundation to their futures. I know that if they can't do a problem or figure out an answer then they need to get to the point that they can. I know that if they can't do the lower level work great, then how can they do the work at the next level. If a kid doesn't know EVERY multiplication fact then how can they do double digit multiplication or division? How will they work equations later? It is that way with most everything.

The fundamentals of learning are way too important for me to let them "pass" or get a "B" or any other lowered expectations. I know that they either need to work more on it or pay closer attention to what they are doing if they aren't getting things correct. Either one of those are problems that will compounded if they aren't corrected.

I do understand that in a public school setting it isn't possible to keep a child on a certain part of learning until they master it for the most part. I understand that they have a whole class full of children. I understand that not all children will get A's in school nor do I think that any child should feel pressured to do so.

I do however know that here we will get one thing done to mastery before we move on. I know what each of my kids are capable of and I won't accept less. A few of mine still need to figure that out. I am hoping they do soon too. lol

Lots of fun awaits us in homeschooling, but first we have to get the mentality that learning is a prize all of its own. I love to give rewards. I love to have fun stuff going on and explore interests. Many are hoping to learn some Spanish soon. I just hope they realize that their math, reading, and english have to be done well first.

I have lots of goals for this year. One major goal is to make sure that they realize that they CAN do GREAT!

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  1. Home schooling is so challenging, and so rewarding. All the headaches pay off. Praying for joy in your journey and for the kids!!