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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Destiny's "Non-Bubbliness"

Destiny is my BUBBLY child. She is always happy (well unless you make her mad, but that is another post and something we try not to have happen lol) and bouncy. She is like the girl version of "Tiger"! She is "SO EXCITED!" about nearly everything. She is very confident, secure, and comfortable in her own skin. Since she got to that point we have seen such wonderful bubbliness, that it is now hard to live without it.

She was very excited about her first day of school. She hopped off to school and was not at all nervous when I left her in her 1st grade room. She knew the teacher from when Andrew was in there a couple years ago. She told me not to worry that I could homeschool her in 3rd grade. lol

Imagine my surprise when I got back to pick her up and her bubbliness was gone. I asked her about her day expecting to hear all of the wonderful details that she so loves to give. All I got was "It was ok maybe". I was crushed. To see my little girl not at all herself was heartbreaking. I immediately asked if she got in trouble. I mean, I could see her talking too much. She said that she didn't get in trouble and she had a "sticker" in her behavior book. I told her that was great and continued to try to find out more about her day. She just wouldn't say much though.

The thing about Destiny is that she has trouble with saying anything "negative" at all. I guess that since her day wasn't positive and she couldn't find anything positive to say, then she really couldn't think of anything to say at all. This broke my heart. I thought to myself that what caused it wasn't even that important, but if we couldn't get her back to bubbly in the next few weeks then she would join the ranks of the homeschool kids. lol NO WAY AM I GOING TO LET HER PERSONALITY CHANGE BECAUSE SHE HAS A VERY GREAT ONE!

The next day seemed a little better. I messaged with her teacher by computer to see how she was doing. She did mention that she seemed to be having some trouble getting her morning paper done, but did fine on it later. Destiny also seemed happy that she got a "stamp", which is what they normally get for good behavior.

I decided that the "sticker" on day one was probably not what she thought she should get for good behavior therefore it stressed her a tad. When you add that to all the other changes that she was having and the fact that she has high functioning/asperger autism then it made a little more sense. On top of that she is adjusting to getting up earlier and not having time to get going before that morning paper, which falling behind on it could be enough to not have a very good day.

I made some changes and her teacher is awesome to work with her. I did her shower first thing on Friday morning instead of just doing it the night before like we normally had. She was "bouncing" in no time! She was joking and kidding before she even left for school. She was "so excited" again. When I picked her up she skipped all the way to the van! She is getting "stamps" too which is helpful. lol

I am very ready to have the great year that I was expecting!!! God is so good!

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