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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fences and other Things you can See

I got to paint fence today. You make think that doesn't sound like much fun. I LOVE to do that kind of thing though. I painted the privacy fence brown on one good sized section. I also used the electric saw to cut some boards off of an extra section and then Brent nailed them into another good sized section of fence in order to fix any boards that were not in good shape. I can paint that on Monday now.

I enjoyed having some of the kids help me paint. Dayton said that it was good at first. Within about 20 minutes, he had determined that it was the "hardest thing he'd ever done" and his arm was tired. I liked talking to him and watching him do it though. He went to play and Jose helped me with painting for awhile. He started out saying that he "didn't understand what Dayton was complaining about because this is great". Within about 15 minutes he was saying that he "realized", but wanted to continue. He was so funny with the paint. I think both of them managed for about 30 minutes each.

Then Denzell helped me with the rest of the painting. He was funny too. He never complains and is so great to work on things with me. I did see him head over to look in the van mirrors to see where the paint was though. :) His hair was a little two toned when we were done. He really wants to learn stuff and be "good at things" so that he can always do what needs done. He takes on the role of oldest quite well (Precious and Unique are "older" in age, but their special needs make them not function that way).

Denzell and I have a lot in common when it comes to "getting things done". We have even discussed it. We enjoy the projects that you can "see progress" on. We both like to clean the kitchen or organize room or cabinets. We enjoyed painting because you could see such a difference when you do it. My family marvels at how he jumps in and helps out, but he is just good like that. :)

I love talking with my kids while we are doing stuff. I highly advice that parents have individual children "help" them with projects. It is amazing the things that kids will tell you when you are "working" together. I hear about who they "like", what they get mad at each other about, what things they are interested in, what their favorite things are, and just what they are thinking about. It isn't as "intrusive" in their eyes as when you just sit them down to "talk" or they think you are "prying". It just comes natural to talk when you are sharing a project.

I am very blessed with a nice fence and great kids. I'm actually looking forward to many more hours of painting the rest of the privacy fence. I wonder who all will help next time!

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