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I have adopted 4 children from a specific orphanage in Eastern Europe and I want to see more children redeemed from that orphanage and brought into families. I want to make sure that the children who are still left behind in that place are never forgotten.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crystal's Birthday

Today was Crystal's birthday. She turned 11 years old today. I really had a hard time picking out her presents the other night. She really doesn't seem to show "excitement" or want anything in particular. I also feel the need to impress her in some way. Kind of wierd if I do say so myself. I just know that she didn't have much before she came to us. She is at such an ackward age on top of that. Add in her RAD and it makes things so different!

She has been doing so well lately though. She seems to be handling being back in her room great! She is talking to me ALOT. Yet it isn't the "incessant chatter" that is so common with RAD. She actually seems to want to communicate and be willing to bond! To top that off - she is coming up and hugging me or telling me she LOVES me. I am flabberghasted! I mean this is the kid who purposely sprayed fragrances that she knew would activate my asthma repeatedly less than a year ago!

So to say that I really wanted to get something that she liked is an understatement. I found some gadgets that you add details to your clothes with and was excited, but I didn't know if she would be. I got her some clothes that looked like she could easily add things to them. I also got a "thingy" that let you use stencils to do sketches of clothing designs. Topped it off with some bracelets and hoped for the best.

Last year I took her to shop for her own stuff. I got her one "toy" and let her pick out her own clothes or toys or jewelry. It was sad for me. She barely spoke to me. She didn't seem to "want" anything. She didn't seem to care when I took her out to eat. It was like taking Jacob (selective mute if you remember) out with me. She didn't seem excited about anything. Needless to say I was keeping my hopes LOW this year. lol

She didn't seem excited when she opened her presents today. She casually got things out of the gift bag without hardly looking at them. I walked away thinking ok, no different than last year. It was different though! She came up to me several times and thanked me. She let me know several times that she LOVED it. She even talked about wanting me to help her with it tomorrow (or whenever she decides to stay indoors lol).

Raising children with RAD is such a challenge. Many days seem thankless and like living in groundhog day over and over. Then you reach the point that Crystal is at and you just can't help but be so thankful. I am so glad that I am her mom and that God is bringing her through to the other side. It gives me hope for continued progress with my other two RAD kids, who are doing quite well right now too by the way. GOD IS SO GOOD AND I AM SO BLESSED TO BE CHOSEN TO PARENT ALL 12 OF THESE KIDS!

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