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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have been telling different air conditioning people this entire summer that something is wrong with my vent system. The first time I told them that I had air blowing in from around a pipe behind my commode and so something was loose. They said they tightened something, but they caulked around the pipe, so there was no way for me to 'feel' it. I told them that I discovered it when I was doing a "round of caulking", so why they heck would they do that except for to make sure I couldn't 'feel' the problem.

After they left I realized that I then had no air at all coming out of my bedroom vent. I called them back and they came back and fixed it. They acted clueless as to what could have caused the problem though I'm sure that they knocked it loose since it occurred simultaneously to their visit. It also proved my theory that there are problems under there!

Then about a week later when things were really hot in my dining area I noticed that the vent was all the way down in the crawl space. I pulled it up myself and nailed it into place as well as caulked around it. That temporarily fixed (or bandaged) the problem. Unfortunately, still even with a system just put in last year, we still couldn't quite keep it cool in here.

We tried to get the same people to come back. They could never tell us when they might actually come out. I left the kids with my mother one day and they showed up and started knocking. When no one answered they called, knocked some more, and headed around back. My mom finally went out and told them that I wasn't home and they couldn't work on it without me there.

I got another company to come out and look. Once again they sent a "regular guy" instead of the "small guy" who can go fully under the house. We ran into this with the first company too. He wanted to look at the unit. He went partially under the house, but couldn't go all the way back to where I told them that I knew the problem was. He turned up the fan to a higher power in hopes of helping a little and said maybe that would help.

Now we are at 80 degrees with my thermostat sat on 74 degrees. All the ceiling fans have been wiped off and turned on. We have begged and pleaded for someone to finally go ALL THE WAY under the house and look. The first place says that someone will come this afternoon. The second place is supposed to have someone maybe come tomorrow. I am desperate and I have TWO places scheduled. I really think the owner of the first place understands what we need done. I don't know if his guys will really do a good job though. I don't know if either place will listen to me once the "repair dudes" come.

I can assure you of a few things. Number 1: They are not checking inside my vents from on top. They need to go underneath and fix it. Number 2: They are going to go feel the vent to my crawl space on the front of the house, because it has more air coming out than the vents inside my house. Number 3: I will be nice because Jesus would want me to be, but I am not in a good mood if this goes wrong. Number 4: If all these kids get cranky as the temperature continues to go up in this house, then I my live in the crawl space! Number 5: I will write a positive post about the wonderfulness (is that a word? I don't think so) of my life after I get done fuming about how hot I am because I have a great story to tell later.


  1. I can feel your pain! We have a unit that we know is not working right and have had a couple of things done to it this summer. It is right at 80 degrees here, too. We have floor fans and ceiling fans all on and are sweating it out, beacuse we just don't have the $ to replace it now. We do have a smaller unit for the upstairs and spent the afternoon up there yesterday and plan to do the same today. Fall, can you come any sooner? LOL

  2. Is there air coming out of the ducts at all?

  3. There is most of the time. We have spells though where there is little to nothing. Today was another great day and despite the heat and people in and out all day, the temperature stayed great all day. They have ordered some circuit something to try and fix it. They think it is just "blinking" in and out, so to speak.