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Monday, January 23, 2012

Julianne Loves Her New Pair of Glasses

We picked up a couple new pair of glasses for Julianne of Friday.  Dayton had gone with us, since he wears glasses too. 

I ordered her two pair several weeks ago.  I had ordered another pair of white glasses because they didn't make it home from Great Wolf Lodge.  I also ordered a pair that I hoped would be "Turquoise", since that is her favorite color.  We always do "Miraflex" glasses now and in general she doesn't destroy them (except for the brown pair that she CHEWED on). 

She LOVES the turqoise pair!  She squealed when she saw them at the eye doctor's office.  She wasn't happy when they took them off to adjust them either.  She has been going to find them and even trying to put them on herself.  She has tried to put other glasses on before, but they are hard to get on with the attached strap.  She usually gets frustrated and then isn't happy that I need to help her.  With this new pair, she is even willing to accept help when she can't manage them on her own. 

She is cute and she KNOWS it!

I think she is right and they are pretty cool!

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  1. awww how cute and precious! Glad she is loving her new glasses ! God bless