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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cody's Phone Call Confusion

Cody's Guardian at Litem called today.  She wanted to know how Cody is doing.  I was happy to report that he is doing wonderfully.  He runs around all the time and gets around wonderfully without the braces now!  He hasn't had any issues with his breathing and even kicked a little viral thing that was going around without issue.  He fits in wonderfully!  (That's only natural since God planned him to be my little boy and a part of this family!)

She then wanted to speak with Cody on the phone.  I went in to see if he was awake.  We had an early appointment this morning and he was grumpy by this evening and needed a rest, but doesn't normally take naps unless he's just grumpy and needs to go lay down.  I was thrilled that he was awake and smiling after just about 20 minutes in his bed. 

I tried to explain to Cody that it was someone that he had met while he lived in his "old house" as he often calls it.  He really wasn't interested in the call though.  He heard the cell phone ringing and was more interested in that.  He knew that Daddy would be calling right about then.  I tried to tell him that we'd call Daddy back, but he was still distracted.  He asked "Who is that?" about who he was talking to.  Finally I took the phone back. 

She is going to try and call back tomorrow and talk to him.  I had Brent talk to him about "who" was on the phone since Brent had seen the GAL when he was visiting Cody.  That didn't seem to help though.

He is now royally confused.  He told some of his siblings that he had to talk to his "Grand Cousin" on the phone earlier.  He told someone else that he thinks his new brother is suppose to call tomorrow.  (He is very excited about Keith especially because Cody will get to be a BIG brother then!)

I have no idea if I can get him to actually talk to her tomorrow.  Poor little guy is so confused!

On a good note, in about 57 hours he won't have a GAL or a social worker for the first time in his life!!!!  He will be FOREVER AND OFFICIALLY OUR SON, just as he has been in my heart for years already! 

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