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Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Christmas Progress

Christmas is, as you can imagine, a very important time of year. It should be for everyone is my opinion, since it is JESUS's BIRTHDAY! I will be honest and say that I am just as bad as the kids about wanting to get started with Christmas. I love everything that Christmas is really about. I also love all the traditions and memories made with my crew here as well.

I've been accused of going over board with Christmas. I will admit that we go for it full force. Our Christmas decorations start going up on October 19th or within a few days of that. Dayton's birthday is October 18th, so we wait until after the festivities for his birthday are over. His birthday is the last one of the calendar year for our crew, so we head straight to celebrate Jesus's birthday and do it in style. It is also an encouragement to me that we do very little in thought of Halloween because of already heading to Christmas. I don't like Halloween at all. I let the kids get dressed up cute (nothing scary, slutty, or gross) and we go to my grandparents' house for treats that they get for them. I buy them plenty of candy and we come home to watch a Christmas movie!

I have already got a good start on Christmas shopping. I have good ideas as to what else I need to get and will finish most of the shopping in the next few weeks. I like to get all of the time consuming stuff out of the way early so that I can just enjoy the wonderfulness (is that a word) of Christmas with my kids. Christmas clothes are also ordered and all I'll have left is pants for the boys and a skirt for me in order to have it all 'wrapped' up. ;) I've also already bought some Christmas cards (because they were the first Christmas stuff out that I could buy and I have a lot of issues) and 7 more of the musical/dancing characters that make our house so festive.

I plan to make a heading on this blog just for Christmas things. We have a lot of fun traditions that I'd love to share with you. Anyone else who would love to add their Christmas traditions or ideas is very welcome to do so. We love to try new things here!

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  1. Every year everyone gets a new ornament for the tree. The kids pick theirs out and I usually pick mine and Brian's out since he is not a shopper. With our expanding family hopefully by Christmas I am sure there will be new traditions.