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I have adopted 4 children from a specific orphanage in Eastern Europe and I want to see more children redeemed from that orphanage and brought into families. I want to make sure that the children who are still left behind in that place are never forgotten.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Already Spoiled so Why Not? (Also Parenting Philosophy #2)

Thursday evening after I arrived home and got finished taking pictures of my "studious" children another funny thing came about. I realized that Julianne was at the door to our family room trying to get someone to take her out. This wouldn't be unusual except for that it was 11pm! She really does like to go outside and be taken for short walks. We usually take her whenever she wants, unless it is raining or there is some other reason that would make it not good.

Being the usually strict mother that I am, I went and told Brent to hurry because she wanted to go for a walk. I told my grandmother on the phone that Julianne was wanting to go for a walk. Her response was something like "Amanda it is 11 o'clock at night. You all are going to spoil her!". I must admit that it made me chuckle a bit. "Going to spoil her" is the belated comment of the century! She is completely spoiled already! I can admit it quite easily. I have always been one to spoil children in many ways. I am quite strict when it comes to rules, because I have to keep order. I am also strict about behavior, because I refuse to raise brats. I do spoil well behaving children who are requesting something "acceptable" in a "polite" way! Julianne has us all wrapped around her finger as well, so even if I didn't spoil her, she'd be spoiled any way.

So Brent picked her up and headed out. I reminded him that walking to the end of the private drive was perfectly well ok, but not out onto the road. He of course agreed. We hoped that would suffice, since we knew she loves to walk to the duck pond. It is down the road a little ways and makes her very happy, so she gets taken there regularly.

I decided to go too. I can just imagine how we looked. Two adults doting on a tiny 4 year old princess at 11pm; walking down the private drive happily, while smiling at the look of joy on her tiny face. Someone who looked would never guess that we have 12 children. I mean, shouldn't we be getting tired of some of this-or at least less enthused. Some of our children came at older ages, but she is our 4th child who we did have at age 4 (and Andrew was staying with us off and on at that age on top of that).

I've just determined at this point that it never gets old. I will forever enjoy each moment like that. Each child is so different from any of the others. Each one is so special. I've heard people say that they get more lax with each child, but then may get more sentimental with the one that is their planned "last child". I don't know that I plan to have a "last child". I also know that each moment is so priceless. I missed these moments with so many, because they came to us so much older. I missed so many moments with each one, including the ones who came and were here by age 4. Dayton is the only child that we've had since birth and that is only because I did the "birthing". lol I can't ever overlook the uniqueness and special moments with each one, even if I have 30 children over the course of my life.

Julianne did get her walk to the end of the drive. About halfway to the end, she let Daddy know that she wanted me to take her. She gave me wonderful hugs and kisses. She made Daddy jealous, which is one of her favorite activities as well! She giggled. I figure those were probably giggles of 'they adore me and will do anything in the world for me'. She is right!

I don't think that this kind of spoiling is a bad thing either! My "Daddy God" literally gave His Son for me. You want to talk about 'doing anything'! I think I should definitely make sure that my children, who God chose to bless me with, realize what the love of a parent should be like. I figure that it will make them understand the love of our Father better. He expects us to behave, loves us regardless, and wants the best for us always!

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  1. That was beautiful. Definitely brought tears to my eyes! I love knowing that you continue to try to make each moment special with each child. People tell me that the only reason I treasure each minute with our daughter is that she is our first. So many people have said, "Oh, wait till you have another. You won't be able to treasure every minute." You inspire me. You prove to me that they are NOT right! :)