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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Studious Brothers (and their little follower)

When I got home yesterday evening, Denzell, Dayton, and Julianne were still up. Brent knew that those three had been good and that they were having fun. (Destiny was also having an exceptional day, but she had to go to public school this morning which doesn't have a flexible start time. lol) Several of our kids are eye deep in behaviors right now due to having construction workers out back. They know I won't send them out to the side of the yard that I can't see to have them go back and forth between the two fences, so they are pulling out all of the not-so-good-stops! I am just being patient because I know it will end soon. I am however big into giving extra rewards for those who choose not to go off the straight and narrow. (Movies, candy bars, staying up late, extra video game time, and all kinds of other treats have been heavily used as positive reinforcement for the ones behaving. )

When I went in to see what the kids were up to, I found Dayton and Denzell reading dictionaries. They were laughing hysterically at some of the words that they'd never heard or noticed. They each had a dictionary and were telling each other about their "finds". I have to admit that it is a very educational way to get enjoyment, which always makes me happy. Since they are boys, words like "kiss" got a lot of extra laughs as well. ;)

Within just a couple minutes, Julianne was over and taking over! She wanted a dictionary too! So Denzell, being the awesome big brother that he is, gave her the dictionary that he had and went to grab another from the school book stack. (Which by the way is overtaking my formal living room because the addition isn't done yet.) So he rejoined the group and all three sat with their dictionaries. Julianne of course isn't reading yet. That didn't stop her at all though! She flipped through it just the same. She would look at it all serious like and then giggle. I mean, that is what you do when you look at a dictionary! She is sure of it, because she is going to do just what her brothers do!

I got some good pictures, but I haven't figured out how to put any on this blog. Maybe some day in my "free time" (eyes rolling), I will figure it out. Until then just get the mental image of Denzell (age 15), Dayton (will be 9 later this month), and Julianne (a tiny 28 pound, 4 year old) all sitting and looking at dictionaries, while giggling. It was too cute!

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