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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Julianne was so Independent Today

Julianne was really full of herself today. I thought she might have a 'slow' day since she is having lots of allergy stuff right now, but I was very wrong. She was full force ahead, snot and all!

I think my favorite of her things to try today was getting her own drink. She is just about 34 and 3/4 inches tall (or not tall lol). Usually when she wants a drink she comes to get one of us by the hand and takes us to the refrigerator. NOT TODAY! I walked in to find her at the refrigerator door with TWO cups. She had taken Zeeky's cup from the table and put it up into the spot where the water comes out of the door. Evidently she quickly realized that it wouldn't push against the button at the back to make it work, because she went and got Jacob's cup to use too. She was pushing Jacob's cup against Zeeky's cup that she had put up in there to try and make it hit the button for the water to come out.

I don't think she had gotten as far as to figure out how on earth she was going to get the cup out of the compartment once the water sprayed into the cup. Luckily, I caught her because I can see her figuring it out and making quite the mess in the process. lol She really does crack me up and she is so crafty and figuring out how she is going to do things herself.

I went over and got her a clean cup and took the other two cups out of the compartment in the door. I got a tiny foot stomped at me for that! :) I then got her a cup of water and gave it to her. She was very glad to do it herself, but a tiny tantrum occurred when she spilled the water down her shirt. She'll get it soon though! I know she will because she is very DETERMINED or some might even deem her "stubborn". lol

She is such a tiny 4 year old, but she is definitely a 4 year old. She may not talk much, but she is definitely a very independent and bossy 4 year old!

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