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Saturday, September 4, 2010

All is Great Here

This time last week I would have never guessed I'd be saying that. This week has been awesome though!!! Really the whole school week went well. Jose came around early in the week which was awesome and is back to acting like his normal loving self. Crystal and Andrew have behaved quite well all week. They have both completed their school work and stayed up until just a few minutes ago watching a movie with most of the crew.

I can honestly say that this is one of those times that it is completely pleasant and no one is acting up. That is scary to say in a house with 3 RADishes and some others with milder attachment issues. It always seems like one or the other is having some small issue and if not that then a full blown "moment" as I call them. Andrew was feeling a little too good about getting to stay up for a late night movie. I am hoping he doesn't blow it over a little bit of privelege. I am going to just hold onto to this moment just in case he does. lol

Homeschooling has gone so well that Dayton, Forrest, and Crystal are getting to work on Spanish. I don't know Spanish which makes it extra interesting. I do have workbooks that are very good at explaining. I also have DVDs and a computer program. We haven't tried out the computer program yet, but hope to soon. Another plus is that Denzell is learning nearly the same exact stuff (maybe a little more since it is high school) in his online school. That is great because he can help with pronunciation! They are loving the privelege of choosing an extra subject. Andrew got done with his assigned work and was able to get a start in a workbook yesterday, but just a little got done. I'm hoping Jose will want to get started this week and speed up his pace. They are really picking up the pace since the "work or walk" policy came into effect. Dayton always speeds through and I'm figuring is going to do me in with his pace. lol

I'm just so glad that they love to learn. I'm also glad to have them here with me. Watching them learn and getting to be the one to teach them is awesome. I have always been amazed over the years how much we can accomplish behaviorly and educationally when we homeschool. I am see God move in amazing ways for sure!!

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