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I have adopted 4 children from a specific orphanage in Eastern Europe and I want to see more children redeemed from that orphanage and brought into families. I want to make sure that the children who are still left behind in that place are never forgotten.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Happens Without Her Play Pen?

I went in to see what all the throwing was about last night when I quit blogging because I heard throwing.  This is what I found:

You can see the look on her face, the things she has already thrown on the floor, and another thing being pitched out from that picture.  That should say it all.

This one I call "Life is a blur without the play pen".  This is how most pictures turned out.  She was throwing "her" stuff out of that tub so quickly that all you could see was the blur. 

Thankfully the other play pens have come in today to our local Walmart.  Brent will be going to them up this evening most certainly!   She is stuffy and miserable and life without a play pen is just not ok with her.

On a bad note, several other kids are stuffy today.  Prayers appreciated.

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