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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weak Stomachs Should Beware

Julianne has been extremely snotty today.  I'll be taking her to see Anita on Thursday most likely.  :(  I can't stand it when she is sick and though she was snotty yesterday, today the snot is colored.  (I warned you!)  If you are a mom, then you know that this isn't good.  She had a little viral thing last week that several of them shared and I'm guessing that hers is going to need an antibiotic to clear up.  My poor sweet angel is so sweet though.  She whined or made droning "my nose is stuffy" sounds all day.  She sat in the same spot in the hallway and rocked while making that sound.  I moved her and tried to occupy her with something else, but she went back over and over and over and over . . . you get the point right?

Then tonight she had a blow out pull up problem.  She was in the play pen that she has refused repetitively to give up.  That meant that I got her cleaned up and put her in the bath and then had to look for where all the poop was.  Thankfully it was just on the side of the play pen and a few other spots that were easy to take care of. 

The poop really didn't phase me.  Then we took EVERY TOY AND COMB out of that playpen to Clorox wipe them.  Still not a big deal in and of itself.  I mean I have 13 kids so this kind of thing has been done before.  Once we did that and I was thoroughly wiping down the play pen "in case", I realized that the play pen was on its last leg.  The joints were loosening.  It had to go. 

THAT PHASED ME!  I've had that play pen for her from the beginning of her life with us.  She refused the "nook" we made her in the new addition with a gate so that it could be "her own" and insisted on the play pen.  She kept it next to a chair in the family room.  She used the chair to get in and out of it on her own.  (Probably what eventually loosened the joints!)  She keeps all her favorite things in there, make that "kept".    :(  Now all of those things are just in a tub.  There were more combs in that thing than there are at Walmart! 

What is next?  Well, I am probably going to order another play pen like I ordered for Keith and Aleshia (see the adoption blog for pictures).  Those two are in transit and I will probably give Julianne one of them.  Surely it won't be more than a couple more days????!!!???? 

I know that Julianne is 5 1/2 years old and technically doesn't "need" a play pen.  The thing is that she still "wants" it.  That is "her" space.  She doesn't want a "nook" or her space to just be her room.  She wants a play pen and she still technically fits even in the small play pen.  If I don't give her one of her own, then she may just takeover one of the ones that are meant for the little ones coming.  Plus, honestly I just want her to be happy. 

YIKES!  I think I better go.  I hear her unloading that "tub" that has her favorite things in it.  I'm afraid I have a sick and unhappy princess.  Uh-Oh!

Please say a prayer that she gets better quickly.  She really isn't feeling well.  Also pray that whatever this is doesn't spread, especially if it means diarrhea!

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  1. Get well soon sweet Julianne. I am sorry to hear her playpen bit the dust.