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I have adopted 4 children from a specific orphanage in Eastern Europe and I want to see more children redeemed from that orphanage and brought into families. I want to make sure that the children who are still left behind in that place are never forgotten.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saving Time (I know I'm Loopy!)

This thought went through my head the other day and I mentioned it to Brent.  I really wanted to ask if anyone else has such thoughts, but I never had time when I remembered it.  (That is really a lot of issues.  lol)

Ok, so we had people coming over.  I had food in the oven, food about to go in the oven, and other food that needed to be gotten out of the refrigerator.  I still hadn't gotten dressed, done my makeup, and brushed my teeth.  I had been cooking and getting everyone else ready and I really needed to PEE.  (Come on Moms you know you've been there - that moment when you feel it would be a great accomplishment to find time to pee and aren't sure it will ever happen) 

I finally asked Brent to make sure that no one bothered the stuff on the stove or the food on the counter.  I knew that I had just a few minutes before the timers went off to tell me to get stuff out of multiple ovens.  I hurried off knowing that I had to do a lot of things in a short time.

As I went my mind started moving with the "quickest" route to do all those things.  Here were my thoughts: 
1. No need to change clothes first bc I'd have to pull down my pants again to pee.
2. Quickest route should start in the bathroom.
3. Peeing should be first (not bc I really had to go which would have made the most sense!), bc after I peed I would already have the water on (which obviously saves the microseconds involved in turning it on a second time)  and I would save one time of drying my hands since there was no need to dry them between washing them and brushing my teeth. 
4. Taking my pants off in the bathroom while they were down would save important seconds in taking them off again to change clothes.

I did all this stuff and got dressed in just minutes (including makeup).  As I was later preparing the rest of the food and getting stuff out, I began to think about the oddities of it all.  I do this all the time.  I am always thinking of ways to save SECONDS! 

So I began to wonder if it was a mom thing (definitely not a dad thing bc my husband is awesome but he would never save SECONDS and even minutes isn't his thing) or if it is just me. 

Does anyone want to confess that they too think of ways to save SECONDS and plan everything for the quickest possible way?  Is it just because I have 13 kids, homeschool, and am trying at all times to do things better as we prepare for more children? 

I don't know what it is and I probably won't change it even though I know it is odd and have acknowledged that I'm only saving SECONDS.  I still figure that if I do that with all of the things I can (you know those things that don't involve the kids of course lol), then I am saving minutes when you add it all up for the week.  Maybe it is hours in a month!  Who knows in the course of a year maybe I am saving an entire day or two's worth of time! 

I also know that while I may not change my odd way of doing things, I will LAUGH about it and laughing is very important too.  :)


  1. as moms of many kiddies we have to think up different ways to multitask..creative ways..mine usually revolve around some flu and dealing with meds etc..

  2. Thankfully mine rarely all get sick at the same time. When most of them had Swine Flu a few years ago, I had to keep charts on the refrigerator in order to keep track of medicines and temperatures. lol

  3. I think what you describe is a gift that God gives moms to many. I do this same thing and many other organizational things for time and space. We are blessed with a special gift! :)