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Monday, October 18, 2010

My Christmas Tree is Up!

Yes, you did read that right. Those who know me at all know that I am a "Christmas Crazy". We always decorate as soon as we are done celebrating Dayton's birthday. We celebrated yesterday. The decorations came out of the attic last night.

Julianne giggled and cackled at the "singing and dancing characters", which are one of our favorites. Zeeky is completely freaked out today. If you remember my post about the "lion at the table" then you will remember that for some reason Zeeky is now terrified of the things that sing. He is fine if he pushes the button, but he doesn't want anyone else to push it. Imagine his surprise when he woke up to probably about 80 of those type of characters! I'm sure he will get over it soon. He loved them last year! Julianne has made all of us turn the characters on all day. She LOVES them!

The tree in the family room is up. I love to see the glow of the lights. I thought we had a dreaded "light problem", but there was just a plug in not connected. Tomorrow we will get more decorations in place and hopefully the other trees up (It is amazing how fast some of the kids get their school work done so that they can help!). Wednesday is AWANA so we won't get much done that day besides our regular homeschool work. Thursday we will make our "Thankful Chain" and put it on the tree. Friday we will decorate the tree with ornaments while we smell the cookies baking in the oven. We will then have cookies and cocoa at the table (which will hopefully have Christmas table cloths if I can find a couple old ones or find some place that has them out yet). We will then curl up to watch a Christmas movie!


* For anyone who makes fun of me (yes, Tracie you are included in this roflol), just remember that my mess of decorating will be long gone by the time the rest of the world is swallowed by their decoration mess. I will then be huddled up with my kiddos enjoying the Christmas season and my decorations! lol Sometimes CRAZY works!

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  1. Sounds like a crazy making excuses for her craziness to me!!!! ROFLOL