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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well We got our ICPC Approval

We got it on Wednesday!  :)  (I would've posted sooner, but there were blog issues yesterday)

That means that Cody is going to make it home very soon.  I expect that he will arrive home in June.  June will actually make a full year of working on his adoption.  That is very frustrating and our government should do so much better than that.  I am going to be positive though, so I can't talk about it.  lol

I did find out that Cody has a whole routine for opening the packages we send him each week.  First, he checks for his name.  (A boy has to make sure it is HIS package!)  Then he looks on the inside of the card for his name.  Then he looks inside to see what we sent him in the package.  I have to say that it is rare to find a child who is interested in the card first! 

I also found out that he is extremely interested in reading.  This excites me lots!  I love teaching children to reading and watching the excitement on their faces when they  "get it".  He recognizes the names of the other 9 children in his classroom now.  He is so interested that his teacher (at a special needs preschool!) is going to start teaching him some sight words.  I am loving his smart little self pushing them to all see his brains instead of his cerebral palsy!

I went shopping today to get some educational fun stuff to send my little guy.  I got him some flash cards.  I am also sending some educational sticker books.  The foster mother specifically requested some pages for him to trace.  I decided on a whole book.  :)  I can't wait till he sees on the fun educational things that await him when he gets home.  I'll send those things now, but when he gets home he'll hit the jack pot.  I homeschool and my favorite part of our new addition to our home is the huge closet that I get to organize my learning supplies in.  Even with that I've had to spill over into some other places for my supplies.  :) 

Ok, so here is my happy post.  The very happy post will come soon about him coming home.  I'm just sure of it! 

Destiny also turned 8 today.  I hope to blog about that tomorrow, if the children allow me to have time.  :)


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